Whether an enterprise organization wants to manage its data on HPE’s Apollo servers, on Qumulo hardware, or in Amazon Web Services or Google Cloud Platform, Qumulo believes that delivering unrivaled freedom, control, and real-time granular visibility of our customers’ file data is our highest calling.

I’m excited to share that today Fujitsu has introduced a new storage solution which leverages its exceptional brand and suite of solutions, combined with Qumulo’s file system, enabling enterprises and public sector organizations the ability to harness petabytes of data distributed across multiple data centers and the cloud.

Together with Fujitsu, we are working to help customers define target architectures, as well as analyze hybrid landscapes in terms of platforms, storage, workloads and data management. The right data architecture is critical to enable full access and control of data across edge, core and cloud.

Unlock the Business Opportunities From Your Unstructured File Data

Increasingly, enterprises across all industries are looking to enable data-driven transformation by offering and supporting new services and applications in large-scale enterprise storage solutions. Further, organizations in fields ranging from media and entertainment, healthcare and diagnostic imaging, to public sector and research computing are recognizing the tremendous business opportunities from analyzing multiple sources of data.

Qumulo’s file data platform offers the most advanced, intelligent solution for managing and accessing file data on a variety of technology platforms, including Fujitsu.

“Data is the new gold,” according to Olivier Delachapelle, Fujitsu’s Head of Category Management, Europe Product Sales in today’s press release. He went on to state that “before the data is of any value, all those petabytes of unstructured data must be mined, managed and refined.” He’s right. Qumulo’s ability to scale without limits, sift through billions of files in seconds, and yield insights from our intelligent analytics engine enables customers to find nuggets of enormous value.

Defining a New Category

The data storage industry is rapidly evolving with new vendors, new highly-intelligent technologies like AI and ML, the acceleration of digital transformation, and a dramatically growing need to manage unstructured data in the cloud.

Organizations worldwide are using Qumulo to manage enormous amounts of file data, even when distributed across complex hybrid IT environments. Let me give you some examples based on recent customers who have decided to bet their business on Qumulo:

  • Researchers that are able to capture genomes from sequencers and transform them into drug therapies for a pandemic response.
  • Filmmakers and digital entertainment studios that capture video which artists transform into blockbuster productions.
  • Automobile manufacturers that need to capture log files from factory floors and transform them into machine learning models to improve production.
  • Geospatial imaging companies that capture geographic images and transform them into immersive maps which inform disaster response.

All of these examples, and hundreds more, are at the center of the modern human experience, and they all leverage file-based data. Increasingly, they’re leveraging Qumulo.

Learn more about how Qumulo’s file data platform supports data-driven transformation via our platform partners such as Fujitsu or contact us here for more information and a demo.