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Posted July 4, 2017 by Chris Lisica — Director, Customer Success. Filed under Company.

At the beginning of the year, Shep Hyken laid out the ten customer service trends he believed would matter in 2017. As we’ve built our Customer Success team over the years, we’ve seen many of the trends Hyken points out as well. Our customers are looking for a service that is proactive and they want new channels of communication besides phone and email. But the point that resonates most with Qumulo is that the goal of any Customer Success organization should be “to ensure the customer has success with the company’s product.” Customers are our magnetic field, and we do everything in our power to make each and every one wildly successful.

That is why we see it is as our privilege to offer a world class Customer Success experience and program to all of our customers and partners. It’s at the heart of our core values and we demonstrate it on a daily basis. We accomplish this in a few ways.

The foundations of customer success

Imagine an organization that only hires people that have walked many miles in a customer shoes. What does that bring to a Customer Success organization? Empathy. That is why all of our Customer Success Managers have spent large portions of their career doing the same work as our customers. They’ve managed large scale storage systems at movie studios, scientific research facilities, and other data-intensive environments.

Our team of highly experienced storage system architects & administrators are here to listen to you, not talk at you. They understand what you are going through and are excited to join you on your journey.

While building the right team is a core part of any Customer Success program, its foundation should always be centered around the customers themselves. That is why every customer is treated to a best in class on-boarding program. It ensures they have any/all of the resources required to successfully use their Qumulo product. This program is rich in content that goes above and beyond to ensure our customers are comfortable with every aspect of their Qumulo product. Need documentation? How about a walk through of the product with a Customer Success Manager? Need an engineer to do a deep dive on anything? Advanced installation services with on site training? We do all of the above and more to ensure success and maximum value in your investment with Qumulo.

Support that leads to success

With a hiring and customer on-boarding process like that, you almost don’t need support, right? Alas, things do go bump in the night. But with our success foundations well established, we can respond to customer’s questions quickly and appropriately. There isn’t a concept of dedicated support engineers, or tiered support services. Every customer and every case gets the same treatment. We use cutting edge tools so our customers can be heard. And, all support is handled directly at Qumulo HQ in Seattle.

We have three conduits to support: email, phone, or chat. While there is nothing particularly unique about using a phone or sending an email to engage with a support team, chat, in particular Slack, has proved to be a revolutionary method of engaging with customers.

Every customer, partner and even prospective customer gets a private, dedicated Slack channel with Qumulo. These channels are manned by our Customer Success team, who are backed by a rotating team of Qumulo file system engineers. This gets every customer a fast response and even faster answers. Who wants to call a 1-800 number only to be transferred to offshore support? Who wouldn’t want to get a response from a knowledgeable Customer Success Manager in less than five minutes? Who wouldn’t want to have a direct conversation with an engineer?

These are all ideas we’ve bundled into Qumulo Care. As I mentioned earlier, every Qumulo customer gets full access to Qumulo Care and the high level of support attention that comes with it. One of our customers from VFX studio Atomic Fiction put his experience with Qumulo Care like this: “Qumulo Care is probably the number one thing I like about working with the company. In fact, it’s been one of the best vendor experiences I’ve ever had.” Our job in Customer Success is to make quotes like this the norm for Qumulo customers. They are the core of everything we do. The most important measure of our own success is helping our customers be wildly successful themselves.

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Chris Lisica
Director, Customer Success
Qumulo culture is extremely customer focused and the company always sticks to its core values. The technology stack is amazing, the people are incredible and I get to work with the most amazing group of customers!

Chris heads up the team that has the pleasure of ensuring every Qumulo customer is wildly successful with their Qumulo product!

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