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Introducing Higher Ed Qonversations

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Colleges and universities encompass every imaginable higher ed technology use case. They have all the needs of a large commercial enterprise, as well as the mission-driven dynamics of a government agency or non-profit organization; plus, of course, their own unique requirements to support core teaching and research objectives. Qumulo’s numerous higher education customers already leverage our file data platform for numerous use cases, but we frequently hear requests to know about what peers in the community are doing or what solutions are being leveraged by other Qumulo customers.

I’m pleased to launch a new webinar series that will share brief introductions to (and overviews of) several Qumulo solutions and a variety of use cases, with information on the benefits and applicability to colleges and universities. We’re calling this Higher Ed Qonversations, with weekly webinars through November.

Stay tuned. This post will be updated to include links to session recaps and any changes in schedule. If you missed previous topics in this series, you can watch the video recordings on the Higher Ed Playlist on our YouTube channel.

Higher Ed Qonversations: what, when, and why

Each of our Higher Ed Qonversations webinars will be 30 minuteswe’ve very intentionally made these sessions brief, but will have information each week about how you can find out more, engage in a demo or trial, or ask detailed follow up questions. I hope you’ll join us and am very excited to share the latest and greatest from Qumulo and our partners and customers!

Remote Video Editing & Studio Q (October 6)

The Higher Ed series kicks off with Adobe’s David Helmly and Jonathan Carrera. We discussed the trends around remote video editing, and honed in on what’s “game-changing” about Qumulo Studio Qa remote video editing studio that’s robust enough for demanding video production needs and simple enough that students and faculty can get creative without adding more complexity for IT. We explained how Studio Q brings together 4 best-in-class software products, how it has been embraced by leading media and entertainment organizations globally, and, most importantly, how colleges and universities can benefit from remote video studio options. In case you missed it, here’s the recap: Colleges & Universities Can Simplify Remote Video Editing on Studio Q.

Disaster Recovery in the Cloud & Recover Q (October 13)

Qumulo recently launched Recover Q, which offers comprehensive, flexible protection for organizations’ valuable data. This session will provide a brief overview of the solution and a discussion of how colleges and universities could leverage these capabilities as part of their disaster recovery strategieswhether for disaster recovery in the cloud or in a campus or community data center location. In cased you missed it, here’s the recap: Disaster Recovery: Universities Can Mitigate Data Loss with Recover Q.

How Recover Q Can Help Mitigate Ransomware (October 20)

Higher Ed’s openness is one of its strengths, yet also presents a significant challenge in dealing with the scourge of ransomware. Since colleges and universities steward sensitive personal data regarding students, faculty, and staff, as well as researchers’ valuable intellectual property, they are increasingly targeted by cybercriminals. Qumulo’s Recover Q solution can help campuses defend, detect, and recover from ransomware attacks as well as resume operations leveraging failover and fail-back capabilities.

Medical and Research Imaging (November 10)

Hospitals, clinics, and other organizations leveraging the latest medical imaging systems are increasingly looking to Qumulo for cost-effective file data storage. Qumulo’s validation with leading healthcare PACS providers enables straightforward architecture and configuration, as well as high performance accessing of dense medical imaging. This session will introduce Qumulo’s medical imaging capabilities and discuss how campuses with academic medical centers can leverage them in a clinical, patient care environment, and how these same capabilities can be used in research and teaching environments as well.

Register to attend this live session on November 10, 20201 at 10AM – 10:30 PM PT

Video Surveillance & Venue Security (Coming Soon 2022)

The San Francisco 49ers recently selected Qumulo to help manage their video surveillance systems (VSS) and enhance the security of their facilities, including Levi’s Stadium. Many of their needs are shared with colleges and universities that manage stadiums and large venues, or those that have video surveillance on their campuses to ensure safety and security of faculty, staff, and students. We’ll share how organizations such as the 49ers leverage our high-performance, scalable storage solution for video surveillance and security.

Supporting Research Computing (Coming Soon 2022)

Facilitating research and innovation is one of the core missions of any college or university and campuses and their affiliated research labs increasingly leverage Qumulo’s file data platform to support research activities. Organizations such as the San Diego Supercomputer Center have turned to Qumulo for petabyte-scale storage that is easy to manage and enables them to realize much lower operational expenses and continually scale their clusters to support the researchers’ needs. This session will share some of the community’s experiences leveraging Qumulo to support research computing and provide insights other campuses or labs can apply in their environments.

We want to hear from you!

We have a few more topics in mind beyond what’s listed here, so expect to continue this series later this year and potentially into next year as well. I would also welcome the Higher Ed community’s feedbackplease don’t be shy, reach out to us and let us know if these sessions are useful to you, if there are other topics you’d like to hear about, or if you have a Qumulo use case or story to share with your peers.

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