If You Had A Magic Wand For File Storage IT, What Would You Use It For?

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If you could have anything to help manage your relentlessly growing file storage, what would you wish for?

Would you focus on making the system easy to use, and ensure that it includes the security features you need to keep all your unstructured data safe?

A file system that provides true real-time information so you can make intelligent decisions regarding your storage environment?

A file system that would manage primary and back-up data so you don’t need another application with yet another user interface?

A file system that provides the performance your users need? A file system that works the same regardless of the platform either on-prem or in the cloud?

Would you wish for a storage vendor that would make your experience actually enjoyable?

Well, now you can use that magic wand to transform other parts of your IT infrastructure, because Qumulo has got your file storage wish list covered!

Qumulo listened to you, our customers, and just released v3, the next generation of hybrid file software with an enterprise-proven hybrid cloud file system! Our updated cloud file software delivers enhanced data security, extreme application performance, ease of management and simplified scalability on-prem and in the cloud.

Data Security

Security of a company’s data is a top concern and in many instances is required by government and industry regulations. Qumulo’s v3 release provides end-to-end data security for all applications, regardless of whether the data is active or not, with new capabilities that include encryption of data in-flight and at-rest, integrated data protection, real-time visibility of system activities, and access control. Using SMBv3 encryption for data in-flight, Qumulo distributes data across all nodes for robust performance under all load conditions, providing cross-protocol support and data encryption over the wire. Qumulo provides encryption at-rest via HPE’s Apollo Gen10 servers coupled with Qumulo v3.

Qumulo’s audit capabilities provide real-time visibility of system activities for security and compliance mandates as well as enterprise requirements. Control access with RBAC across multiple clusters on-prem and in the cloud enables management to secure access and visibility permissions. These RBAC permissions follow the files during replication, which enables users to maintain confidence in their data security.

Backing up multi-petabytes of data is a prohibitively time-consuming process. Qumulo’s new, integrated data protection capabilities allow you to use snapshots to protect data against end-user mistakes, while using our snapshot replication functionality to send these snapshots to another Qumulo cluster for long term back up, even in another country or in the cloud. This enables customers to avoid the costs and management complexity of a separate backup application. Users can recover individual files or directories with ease via snapshot replication, which provides incremental data backups that can be easily moved offsite and restored to any Qumulo cluster. Finally, you can confidently and automatically back-up everything as an integral part of your primary storage, all in a single tier!


Simple to Manage with Real-Time Visibility of Usage, Throughput and Latency
Qumulo’s single tier, easy-to-use storage file system enables system administrators to manage multi-petabytes of data with ease. Real-time visibility and integrated analytics for usage, throughput and latency allows users to easily manage their storage and plan for growth without the need to over purchase or over provision. To facilitate automation, a requirement when managing billions of files that are growing at unprecedented rates, Qumulo provides a simple-to-use REST API. To maximize administrators’ time and efficiency, Qumulo uses the same file system and GUI across all platforms, including HPE, Fujitsu, AWS, GCP and Qumulo.

Qumulo’s file system was purpose-built to enable flexible file data control across on-prem, hybrid and cloud environments. With Qumulo, users have the flexibility to choose the best storage platform for their environment, including all-NVMe, flash accelerated hybrid storage, active archive, hybrid cloud or cloud-native.


Massive Scalability
Scalability is essential for managing the size and relentless growth of unstructured data, which can easily surpass multi-billions of files. Qumulo’s file system is designed to scale with ease so users can efficiently and effectively manage billions of files of unstructured data. Qumulo’s v3 software enables seamless, unlimited scalability on-prem and in the cloud via its ability to linearly scale, by just adding another node, and with auto rebalancing that has no impact to clusters or applications. Qumulo has no architectural limitations and has been rigorously tested to 100 nodes. With Qumulo’s new P-368T, a dense, 2U platform that provides 368TB raw per node, customers are able to deploy 36+PB of all-NVMe storage in a single cluster.

All this, plus you get personal, immediate help when you need it. Qumulo’s unique customer success process allows you to interact with experts via a dedicated Slack channel. No more opening up tickets and waiting and waiting and waiting for a response after issues have escalated. Your dedicated Slack channel is your personal link for questions, and advice on best practices, and provides a way to communicate features and tips in real time that will make your job even easier.

Believe it or not, this is all included in a single subscription fee; there are no multiple applications to install, no “nickel-and-diming” you to death. And if you decide to move the file system to another data center or to the cloud, the license is completely transferrable.

Wishes granted! Check out the next generation of Qumulo software.

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