Hybrid Cloud File Leadership is all About Keeping the Application Users Happy

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Qumulo is honored to be recognized as the leader in the Hybrid Cloud Use Case in Gartner’s Distributed File Systems Critical Capabilities report.

What makes Qumulo stand out as the leader in Hybrid Cloud?

As enterprises are looking to implement hybrid IT strategies, moving data in structured databases is relatively easy in comparison with moving unstructured data to the cloud. I recently had the opportunity to probe into why this is at a User Roundtable at the Gartner IOCS event in Las Vegas.

IT managers often know exactly who is using their databases, which applications are using that data, and precisely where the data resides. Conversely, unstructured data sprawls across users, storage systems, and a vast variety of applications.

To accomplish hybrid IT objectives, organizations need solutions that provide visibility into their unstructured data environment, as well as the technology to extend their unstructured data creation, processing, and analytics applications to the cloud. This requires a file system that can deliver the performance, security, and enterprise features mandated in the datacenter, that also can run natively on public cloud infrastructure.

Qumulo’s distributed file system provides all the capabilities of an enterprise scale-out NAS, coupled with the advantage of running the same technology natively in the cloud. Data movement can be automated between environments, making the shift of applications to the cloud seamless.

We are pleased that customer feedback to Gartner analysts and public reviews in Gartner Peer Insights show that organizations have recognized the value of Qumulo’s file storage technology in helping them get to the cloud.
And, more importantly, our focus on customer success and delightful customer experience has made IT managers’ jobs a bit easier.

Thank you to each of our customers for your input that helps us continually improve and innovate. And, thank you to each Qumulon around the globe for your passion in developing this market-leading technology!

To learn more, please download:
2019 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Distributed File Systems and Object Storage
2019 Gartner Critical Capabilities for Distributed File Systems (Note: this link requires you to be a Gartner customer to access)

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