Delivering Unprecedented Security and Data Visibility to Enterprises, Qumulo’s Scale-Out NAS Now Available on HPE Apollo 4200 Gen10 Servers

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Qumulo and HPE have done it again! Together we are offering an integrated and optimized file storage solution with tailored HPE Apollo 4200 Gen10 platforms and Qumulo’s modern distributed file system.

With multiple configurations that optimize price performance and system capacity, HPE customers can choose the platform that best addresses their workflow.

HPE 4200 Gen10 servers and Qumulo’s hybrid cloud file storage make a perfect match for enterprise organizations across a wide range of industry verticals and use cases. Qumulo offers an enterprise-proven hybrid cloud storage solution that leverages the ultra-dense rack-scale advantages of the HPE Apollo 4200 Gen10. You can easily scale a cluster by simply adding an additional HPE Gen10 node, while the Qumulo file system automatically rebalances the cluster.

A huge benefit of the joint Qumulo HPE solution is that customers can use 100% of their available storage. Customers experience no performance degradation as they approach 100% capacity, with a one-click expansion feature when more storage is required. This solution is designed to manage billions and billions of files regardless of size or location.

Not only does the HPE Apollo 4200 Gen10 offer data security from cradle to grave with its silicon-anchored root of trust technology, it also includes InfoSight, which provides the ability to predict and prevent infrastructure problems before they happen, complementing Qumulo’s real-time data analytics. Qumulo’s analytics enable administrators to better understand their data storage usage, and easily identify hot clients and files, allowing them to focus on their data, not their storage infrastructure.

Today, HPE Apollo 4200 servers with Qumulo’s file storage software are used by customers in the video surveillance, higher education, and media and entertainment markets, to name a few, providing a solution that has been thoroughly tested for a seamless deployment experience.

Both Qumulo and HPE are renowned for their relentless focus and commitment to customer success. Customers have a single point of contact for this integrated solution, easing administrators’ concerns about the resources required for storage management. Customers can contact Qumulo directly via our dedicated Slack channel (as well as by calling or opening a service ticket) to get assistance with both Qumulo and the HPE Gen10 platforms.

Qumulo and HPE are strong proponents of simplifying the purchasing process and protecting our customers’ investments. Qumulo offers a single file system that scales across on-prem, hybrid and cloud environments: it is the same file system in all locations and includes all product functionality and future updates. As new generations of HPE hardware come to market, Qumulo will continue to enable these seamless expansions to protect our customers’ investments while allowing them to select the optimal platform that meet their specific workflow needs.

Qumulo’s distributed file system is available in three configurations of the HPE Apollo 4200 Gen10: the HPE-90T, HPE-192T and HPE-336T. All offerings are cost-optimized for different environments, taking advantage of this server’s incredible density and flexibility to provide just the right amount of compute, HDD, SSDs and networking in a compact 2U form factor. All configurations offer full FIPS 140-2 Level 1 security compliance to meet the most stringent encryption-at-rest needs. A four-node cluster is the entry-level configuration.

The three new HPE Apollo 4200 platforms that are available include:

The hybrid HPE-90T is optimized for performance and offers modern networking with either 25GbE or 100GbE. The 90TB of raw capacity uses 9 x 10TB HDDs and 3 x 960GB SSDs.

The hybrid HPE-192T is optimized for a great balance of performance and capacity. This platform also offers modern 100GbE networking to further deliver on that performance. The 192TB of raw capacity uses 24 x 8TB HDDs and 6 x 960GB SSDs.

The HPE-336T capacity-optimized solution for archive environments provides incredible density. This platform requires just two 25GbE ports to each server, which greatly lowers the TCO. The 336TB of raw capacity uses 24 x 14TB HDDs and 4 x 1.92TB SSDs.

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