Media and Entertainment

From animation and remote production to distribution, Qumulo helps major studios and networks capture, collaborate, and distribute file data globally.
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Accelerate innovation

More than ever, creative teams around the world must work together quickly and efficiently to meet increasing demands for quality video media and production.

Qumulo’s file data platform meets the needs of today’s in-house and remote creative teams for post-production, animation and visual effects (VFX), broadcast, games production, as well as corporate video production.

Qumulo provides a modern hybrid cloud infrastructure for data-driven media and entertainment organizations. Qumulo can handle the most demanding performance requirements, as well as manage, store and protect exabyte levels of HD, and 4K content, on-prem or in cloud environments.


The demand for high quality animation continues to rise as consumers’ appetite for engaging, high definition visual experiences grows. More than ever, leading animation studios count on Qumulo’s file data platform to support animation and computer-generated (CG) workflows that accelerate collaboration, rendering, and modeling, while scaling performance and capacity to align with changing project demands, in on-prem or cloud environments.


The broadcast industry is fast-paced, competitive, and continuously evolving. To meet today’s aggressive, ever-changing production schedules, producers need reliable, high performance access to content, as well as the ability to quickly and easily collaborate, transcode and deliver that content in multiple formats to a variety of distribution platforms on time. Leading broadcast companies trust Qumulo’s file data platform to handle intensive broadcast workflows to meet business needs and demands.

Corporate video production

The need for effective corporate communication is growing as workplaces become larger and more dispersed. Corporate video has become mainstream for today’s employee education, training, and communications. Qumulo’s file data platform meets the needs of today’s corporate video production and storage; providing a modern infrastructure which can handle the toughest HD and 4K workloads, and limitless scalability to manage growing capacities.

90 percent of Anthem's M&E data storage is video content


Gaming is one of the most competitive media industries in the world today. Qumulo’s file data platform helps accelerate gaming design and production by providing fast reliable accessibility to all data within a single namespace, rapid scalability to meet aggressive production demands. This enables in-house and remote artists to collaborate with multiple studios and simultaneously work on projects to achieve faster turnaround times, in both on-prem and cloud environments.


Qumulo’s file data platform enables today’s content producers and editors to boost collaboration with reliable high performance, multi-stream editing that supports 4K and 8K workflows and the massive capacities these assets produce. Qumulo powers collaborative post-production workflows, on-prem or in cloud environments, to deliver faster, cost-effective results to meet tight deadlines and budgets, and enable new business expansion.

VFX (visual effects)

The demand for high quality visual effects (VFX) content continues to rise, as consumers’ appetites grow for engaging, high-definition visual experiences. More than ever, leading film studios count on Qumulo’s file data platform to support all stages of the VFX pipeline. Qumulo helps customers to boost collaboration, speed rendering and modeling processes, and cost effectively scale in both on-prem and cloud environments.

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