Medical Imaging

Unify and secure all medical imaging and clinical data into a single scalable solution.
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Simplicity that drives faster time to results

Modern imaging techniques require high-performance data management.

With Qumulo enterprise-proven hybrid cloud file storage, today’s healthcare organizations can continuously improve patient experiences and commercial efficiency by leveraging modern file storage to support and manage growing data capacities generated by higher resolution diagnostic and interventional radiology imaging, along with embracing the benefits of evolving artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) technologies to grow research initiatives and innovation.


Qumulo Storage for Medical Imaging

Unified data to streamline workflows

Qumulo hybrid cloud file storage provides a single namespace which allows healthcare organizations to consolidate storage, unify data access, streamline workflows and reduce the cost of data management. Accessible through NFS and SMB protocols, Qumulo fits perfectly into healthcare environments and integrates with existing network clients.

Modern efficient file storage for all medical imaging and clinical data

Qumulo provides many built-in efficiences to help healthcare organizations reduce capital and operational costs. For example, Qumulo file storage can manage billions of both large and small files generated by today’s modern imaging technologies, which enables healthcare studies and other patient data to occupy 100 percent of provisioned capacity, unlike 70-80 percent as seen with many other legacy NAS systems.

Data assurance, protection and security for all medical imaging and clinical data

Qumulo is designed to integrate seamlessly into the most rigorous compliance-driven and regulated environments. Built in data protection through local and remote snapshots and replication ensure data is preserved and always available. In addition, at-rest and over-the-wire encryption ensure confidential records are secure. Qumulo partners closely with key healthcare industry partners and PACS providers to deliver solutions that assure compliance with government and institutional data privacy and security regulations, meeting HIPAA regulations for compliance, including encryption and off-site copies.

Fast, reliable data access to all clinicians and devices

Viewing stations on-prem or remote sites, can count on extremely fast access to all imaging data with the speed of flash. Qumulo’s innovative flash-first hybrid architecture and intelligent predictive caching optimizes performance and reduces costs for healthcare organizations. While, data that is not actively accessed, is stored on the more economical hard disk drives (HDD).

Managing growth is simple. Scale-across on-prem or in the cloud.

As healthcare data capacities continue to expand and grow, organizations can benefit from Qumulo’s modular, scale-out file storage. Qumulo’s software-defined architecture utilizes clusters of nodes made up of Qumulo hardware, or pre-qualified industry-standard hardware from HPE or Fujitsu.

Managing growth is simple. Just add nodes to the existing infrastructure to increase performance and capacity levels uniformly on-prem, or to multiple cloud environments, when required, with no disruption or downtime. In addition, Qumulo’s file system makes it easy for medical research computing projects to scale workloads to AWS or GCP cloud environments, as and when needed, for data storage, multi-site collaboration, and compute performance processing.

Take control and reduce storage costs with Qumulo real-time analytics

Qumulo provides built-in real-time analytics to provide insight across the entire file system, to enable storage administrators to easily monitor storage usage and performance trends. With this superior visibility, healthcare organizations can gain control, reduce overall operational and capital costs, by proactively managing current needs and better predicting future storage requirements.

HPE and Qumulo Hybrid Cloud Storage

Qumulo on HPE Apollo 4200 servers delivers a high performance scalable enterprise-proven file storage solution for medical imaging data. This solution meets leading imaging vendors storage requirements and is ideal for healthcare customers’ primary and long-term imaging data archive needs.


HPE and Qumulo Hybrid Cloud Storage


Qumulo and HPE VNA for Healthcare


Qumulo and HPE Storage for PACS

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