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Hospitals and biotech companies rely on Qumulo to manage their research and clinical imaging and PACs.
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Research imaging

Modern imaging techniques require high-performance file data management.

These imaging techniques offer many technologies: microscopy, magnetic resonance imaging, mass spectrometry, X-ray imaging, radar imaging, ultrasound imaging, photoacoustic imaging, thermal imaging, and imaging from telescopes and satellites. All of these techniques produce large amounts of file data and put tremendous demands on an organization’s file storage system.

Performance, cost, and simplicity makes Qumulo ideal for institutions engaged in cutting-edge research.

Medical imaging

Qumulo’s file data platform enables healthcare organizations to unify the storage of imaging and clinical data, to speed accessibility and analysis, while delivering analytics, intelligence and efficiencies to streamline processes, simplify management, and reduce costs of retaining and protecting data.

Video surveillance

Video surveillance and security systems are critical tools for hospitals and healthcare organizations to help keep patients, their families, and staff safe and secure, as well as protect medical equipment and property. Hospitals and healthcare organizations face unique challenges when it comes to security.

Qumulo’s file data platform is purpose-built to meet the demanding, data-intensive video surveillance workloads of healthcare systems; delivering a cost-effective, future-proof file storage solution to store, manage and access massive amounts of data from thousands of surveillance and security devices.

HPE and Qumulo Hybrid Cloud Storage

Qumulo on HPE Apollo 4200 servers delivers a high performance scalable enterprise-proven file storage solution for medical imaging data. This solution meets leading imaging vendors’ storage requirements and is ideal for healthcare customers’ primary and long-term imaging data archive needs.


HPE and Qumulo Hybrid Cloud Storage


Qumulo and HPE VNA for Healthcare


Qumulo and HPE Storage for PACS

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