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The qq CLI: An Introduction

This 1 hour webinar will cover how to get started using the Qumulo qq command line interface. Check out this recording if you want to learn how to use the qq Command Line Interface to manage and retrieve information from their Qumulo clusters and integrate the CLI with their existing shell workflows.

Topics to be covered: An accompanying document with samples of qq commands is linked here.

  • Installing the qq CLI on your client machine
  • Running qq remotely vs on a Qumulo node
  • Enabling tab-complete with the qq CLI
  • Finding commands and browsing the help system
  • Effectively parsing JSON with jq
  • Redirecting output and using qq commands with other command line tools
  • Q&A session

Things we’ll do with the qq CLI:

  • List files and directories
  • Create new SMB and NFS shares and exports
  • Managing file permissions and attributes
  • Create and keep track of Quotas

Here’s what you’ll need ready if you’d like to follow along:

  • Mac, Linux or Windows WSL terminal or ssh access to a Qumulo node (The bash shell will be used for the demos)
  • Admin access to a Qumulo cluster (VMs ok)
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