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Qumulo with eMAM: A High Scalable Asset Management & File Data Platform Solution

As the demand for high quality media projects continues to grow, so does the amount of content created. Higher resolution content (4K, 8K and 16K) quickly expands asset volume to petabyte levels, requiring secure, accessible, high capacity file storage and archive. IT teams are looking for modern file data solutions that will provide fast data access, efficient management and protection of valuable digital assets, with analytics to predict future growth requirements.

eMAM and Qumulo deliver a highly scalable media asset management and file storage solution. This enables users to easily search, manage, share, store, and protect their ever-expanding digital content throughout the lifecycle of the content, on-prem (locally) and in the cloud. The Qumulo file data platform fits seamlessly into existing eMAM workflows and provides a highly secure, flexible file storage system, optimized to meet the present and future needs of media companies and other organizations.

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