Qumulo Announces Native Support For Amazon Nimble Studio

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Animation and VFX Studios Using Amazon Nimble Studio Can Use Qumulo Natively to Capture, Collaborate, and Distribute File Data Globally in a Cloud Environment

SEATTLE (April 29, 2021)Qumulo, the breakthrough leader in radically simplifying enterprise file data management across hybrid-cloud environments, today announced support for Amazon Nimble Studio, a new service that enables customers to set up creative studios in hours instead of weeks, with elasticity that gives them near limitless scale and access to rendering on demand. With Nimble Studio, customers can rapidly onboard and collaborate with artists from anywhere in the world and produce content faster and more cost effectively. Artists will have access to accelerated virtual workstations, high-speed storage, and scalable rendering across the Amazon Web Services (AWS) global infrastructure, so they can create content faster as part of virtual teams. Together with high-performance file data management from Qumulo, customers can unlock remote content creation workflows at massive scale and performance across nearly every aspect of the media and entertainment data lifecycle on AWS global infrastructure at petabyte scale, with real-time visibility, predictive caching, and a comprehensive API.  

Powered by Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) G4 instances, Amazon Nimble Studio virtual workstations provide on-demand compute power to handle the demands of even the most challenging content creation needs. Amazon Nimble Studio supports both Windows and Linux, as well as industry-standard digital content creation applications. Amazon Nimble Studio customers who choose Qumulo receive an agnostic file storage solution that is simple to manage in the cloud.

Media and entertainment (M&E) companies experienced a massive digital transformation over the past year as many studios shifted to virtual collaboration within the cloud. Because of this, Qumulo experienced unprecedented growth of file data created by M&E customers in 2020. The company currently supports 7 of the top 10 media and entertainment companies, and is designed to handle the most demanding media and video production workloads. Cutting edge studios including Industrial Brothers, Cinesite, Raynault VFX and FuseFX use Qumulo to produce television shows, animated feature films and world-renowned VFX projects, such as The Greatest Showman, American Horror Story, Amazon Prime Video’s The Boys, and The Avengers, to name a few.

“The shift to a distributed workforce has forced production teams to collaborate in remote, cloud environments resulting in data being generated by M&E companies more than ever before,” said Keith Nargi, Field CTO at Qumulo. “At Qumulo, we provide creative teams with a modern infrastructure that is simple to use and highly scalable to meet the needs of changing project demands. We’re honored to be a launch partner of Amazon Nimble Studio.” 

Contact us today to learn more about how Qumulo helps media and entertainment organizations all over the world capture, collaborate, and distribute file data globally in a cloud environment.  

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