ACES Deals its Integration Customers a Winning Hand with Qumulo Data-Aware Scale-Out NAS

Qumulo, pioneer of the world’s first data-aware scale-out NAS, today announced that ACES Technology Services & Solutions has chosen Qumulo for its revolutionary data-aware scale-out NAS capabilities, making it the go-to solution for media and entertainment customers.

ACES is a Los Angeles-based media systems integration provider specializing in data and asset management, media infrastructure and workflows, and cloud optimization.

With clients including several of the larger media and broadcasting studios, the company has established a major foothold in the media and entertainment industry, while also expanding into Southern California’s strong life sciences and bioinformatics market. Both industries have an ongoing need for better management and workflow of huge volumes of data.

ACES went on the search for a storage partner that not only broke new technical ground, but understood the value of customer care and showed a strong desire to understand and meet each company’s unique storage needs. Patrick Kennedy, founder and president of ACES, found all that and more in Qumulo, even going so far as to build a new SaaS offering that leverages Qumulo’s open APIs for data analytics. Qumulo was particularly focused on making data visible so that customers could better understand how usage was impacting their individual workflow – it was then that Kennedy saw the potential for a strong hand.

“There’s a recognized need to understand exactly what data is doing, and our plans are to attack that problem with our customers, and with Qumulo,” Kennedy said.

Qumulo offers the world’s first data-aware scale-out NAS, delivering real-time analytics that provide visibility into data usage and storage across flexible, fast and highly scalable commodity hardware. These real-time analytics help businesses obtain instant answers about their data footprint by explaining usage patterns and workload impact on performance and capacity.

Kennedy was immediately impressed with the emphasis on working with customers to understand how their unique data usage and workflow impacts storage. Qumulo not only invests considerable time and effort on partner training and pre-sales development, but the Qumulo Care service included in every sale offers regular, scheduled check-in calls, biweekly software updates and more.

“I like partners to show the same level of customer interest and desire for execution that I have, and Qumulo’s team offers that in spades,” said Kennedy.

The other aspect about Qumulo’s approach that appealed to ACES is the data accessibility it extends to customers and partners. Data analytics are available through an open REST-based API, allowing easy report customization and integration into other systems, and Qumulo has created a GitHub community to find and post third-party enhancements that take advantage of these APIs.

Taking advantage of those APIs is just what ACES has set out to do, creating its own SaaS solution for integrating and automating workflows in media environments, called “Acembly.” Acembly’s hybrid architecture allows data management, search and discovery, storage tiering and file transfer when and where it’s needed, on-premise or cloud based.

“It’s fantastic to have new conversations with customers, not talking about how they’ve been doing things for the past 10 years, but talking about how they can start doing things differently with Qumulo,” Kennedy concluded.

Kennedy anticipates that these conversations are just the tip of the iceberg, and interest in data-aware, scalable NAS will soon skyrocket. Kennedy sees this as truly disrupting the storage market over the next few years, and it’s a change he embraces, both for ACES and its customers.

Read the full ACES case study here.

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December 10, 2015


Posted on

December 10, 2015