Qumulo Shift for Amazon S3

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Qumulo Shift for Amazon S3 is a free cloud service offered as part of the Qumulo file system that enables you to take advantage of innovative AWS cloud applications and services with your file data.

Qumulo gives users the full power of the cloud. All of the infrastructure, applications and services at your disposal, running natively.

Qumulo provides the most agile cloud solution for organizations that produce petabytes of file data including media and entertainment, life sciences, automotive, manufacturing, healthcare, retail, oil and gas, and government. These types of organizations produce large volumes of file-based data that needs to be processed, analyzed and shared.

Using Qumulo Shift for Amazon S3, customers can copy data from any Qumulo cluster— whether on-prem or already running in a choice of clouds—to Amazon’s Simple Storage Service cloud object store (Amazon S3), making it easy to take advantage of thousands of AWS cloud services and applications.

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  • Innovate: Immediate access to cloud services by providing a simple yet revolutionary method to get file data into the cloud in a native Amazon S3 format.
  • Collaborate: Provide file data in native Amazon S3 format enabling other services and applications to access the data with no additional processes or costs.
  • Integrate with DevOps: Data is available in the environment where DevOps needs it.


  • Always available: A durable, redundant copy of your file data for backup and disaster recovery in native Amazon S3 in the cloud, for compliance and disaster recovery scenarios.
  • Archive: Long-term retention in native Amazon S3 format and freeing up Qumulo’s file storage space for active workloads.

Qumulo Shift for Amazon S3 is a free cloud service provided as part of the Qumulo file system. Qumulo Shift for Amazon S3 Improves your ROI and enables data-driven businesses.

Gartner* predicts that every dollar invested in digital business innovation to the end of 2020 will require enterprises to spend at least three times that to continuously modernize the legacy application portfolio. Qumulo takes the complexity out of digital transformation. Use your data in the format your application was designed for, file or object, eliminating the need for refactoring applications or adding third party data movement software.

It’s your data. Leverage it where you want, in the format you need.

*”7 Options to Modernize Legacy Systems”, Smarter with Gartner Inc., 2018 for this prediction.

Example: A research institution sequencing and analyzing genomes in file format can now leverage Amazon S3 to both meet compliance requirements and to share their genomics data and findings with other institutions worldwide.

Example: Oil & gas companies conduct discovery in the field and return to port with vast amounts of geological survey data. This data is processed as file data in the data center, and can now be uploaded to Amazon S3 using Qumulo Shift for Amazon S3, making this data available to other company divisions, or for massive cloud compute resources for data processing.

Qumulo-powered applications drive real-time business results using unstructured file data in the cloud. With Qumulo Shift for Amazon S3, these applications can scale instantly to meet customers’ fast-growing data needs, while replicating all data across multiple availability zones to help ensure high durability and availability.

With a simple API or Command Line Interface (CLI), customers can now copy their file data from any Qumulo on-prem cluster or Qumulo Cloud instance to Amazon S3 and create a brand-new workflow across AWS. Qumulo Shift for Amazon S3 easily copies data from Qumulo into Amazon S3 ensuring durability and security. With Qumulo and Qumulo Shift for Amazon S3, customers can now create and migrate applications, and connect cloud provider services, allowing them to leverage their most valuable file data to build market opportunities and innovate for their customers.

Qumulo Shift for Amazon S3 provides the ability to copy data to native Amazon S3 for integration with other cloud services, collaboration, backup, and cost-effective data archive. Qumulo Shift for Amazon S3 uses the existing replication functionality to copy data to Amazon S3. The replication target is not a second Qumulo cluster, but rather the native Amazon S3 format. Qumulo Shift for Amazon S3 ensures you can always access your data from an Amazon S3 browser. Neither the Qumulo file system nor a separate application is required for using your data from Amazon S3. Qumulo Shift for Amazon S3 can be accessed from Qumulo’s file system on-prem and/or from Qumulo’s hybrid file software in the cloud – the location of the source of the Qumulo-stored data is completely flexible.

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