Think beyond the box.

Think cloud.

Demand more from your cloud storage platform.

Qumulo offers a true file storage system that can run in the cloud, on-premises, or any combination in between. Forget scale-out. This is scale-across.

Lightning fast

You don’t have to sacrifice performance when you move your workflows to the cloud. Qumulo has the highest performance of any persistent file storage system in the cloud.

Unmatched scalability

Scales to billions of files and tens of petabytes to provide you with file access for your most demanding workloads.

Enterprise features

The tools and applications on which you’ve built your business are now available in the cloud. Standard protocol support (NFS, SMB, FTP, REST), instant visibility of data at scale, directory-based capacity quotas, and snapshots.


Continuous replication

Quickly and easily move data between clusters in your data center and your Qumulo cloud cluster.

Built for companies with demanding, compute-intensive workloads who need storage at scale.


VFX cloud rendering


Active archives for CCTV


Data analytics


Genomic sequencing

“We are building a fully orchestrated visual effects rendering solution that spans our on-premises data center and AWS.

We now have a Qumulo cluster on AWS and in our data center, creating a unified fabric that enables us to share file data between these two operating environments, maintain workflow consistency, and meet the high performance requirements for heavy compute workloads in the cloud.

—Jason Fotter, Co-Founder and CTO, FuseFX

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