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Accelerate and Protect Your File Data Backups with an Integrated Solution

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Save Time and Reduce Risk with Simplified File Data Backup and Restore

Both Commvault and Qumulo are well known for scale and performance. Now, our solutions are integrated so you can backup and restore your massive file data sets with ease. Learn how we accomplished the full integration through a multi-phase development.

A Single View for Managing Backup Workflows and Status

First, we tackled manageability by integrating the Qumulo® File Data Platform  into Commvault’s Command Center in the September 2020 Commvault software release (R11.21). This incremental release gave data administrators a single view for managing backup and restore jobs and the ability to gather information about file system and backup job status. 

Manage and monitor real-time job status at a glance with a unified view of your Qumulo workflows in the Commvault Command Center.  

Faster Backup of Large Unstructured File Data

Next, we tackled the issue of accelerating the backup of large unstructured data sets. These data sets have become more difficult to protect as their size and file count continue to grow. Traditionally, once an initial backup is complete, incremental backups rely on time-consuming “tree walks” to discover file changes. Tree walks can dominate the backup window, leaving little time to back up your files, causing incomplete or failed backups. 

Now, Commvault’s latest release (R11.22) leverages the Qumulo Protect snapshot engine and REST API from Qumulo Core® to eliminate tree walks and accelerate  incremental backup jobs. This means you can manage backups at petabyte scale with no manual intervention or dependency on legacy protocols like NDMP. 

With simplified data management you can cut the scan time for incremental backups from hours to minutes. The time saved allows you to reduce backup windows and the time it takes to monitor them, so production workflows can continue to monetize your data. 

Integration Cuts Backup Scan Times from Hours to Minutes

Incremental Backup Over SMB

Before Integration After Integration
1 million modified files 58 minutes 30 minutes (2x faster)
1 million new files in a directory 1 hour 20 minutes 3 minutes (16x faster)

Incremental Backup Over NFS

Before Integration After Integration
1 million modified files 7 hours 2 minutes 37 minutes (11x faster)
1 million new files in 1,000 directories 7 hours 13 minutes 15 minutes (28x faster)

Full Integration Between Commvault Backup & Recovery and Qumulo Core

The Qumulo and Commvault integration delivers a reliable, cost-effective solution that accelerates the backup of large unstructured data sets through a simple, unified workflow. The new solution offers full integration between Commvault Backup & Recovery, as of Commvault release R11.22, and Qumulo Core v3.0.0 onward. 

Together, Qumulo and Commvault provide you with a fully protected solution for massive amounts of unstructured data, making incremental-forever backups of Qumulo systems with billions of files fast and simple.

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