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Qumulo announces S3 certification with Commvault

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We’re thrilled to announce our successful achievement of S3 certification with Commvault, a global leader in enterprise data management and protection. This collaboration solidifies our commitment to delivering comprehensive data storage and management solutions for on-premise and cloud-native backup and archive-based workloads.

The exponential growth of unstructured data has created a pressing problem for enterprises worldwide. Managing massive volumes of data across on-premises and cloud infrastructure has become increasingly cumbersome, hindering businesses from unlocking the true value of their information assets. The lack of a unified and scalable solution has resulted in data silos, limited visibility, and increased complexity, leading to inefficient data management practices.

The S3 certification with Commvault validates our ability to seamlessly integrate our hybrid cloud unstructured data services with Commvault’s industry-leading data management platform. Qumulo customers can now leverage the combined power of both solutions to efficiently manage, protect and scale their data anywhere across hybrid and multi-cloud environments. By obtaining S3 certification, we further support our mission to empower customers to take advantage of the cloud-friendly S3 API, enabling them to effortlessly store, access, and protect all their unstructured data with a single, unified solution with virtually limitless scale.

Our S3 certification with Commvault comes at a time when organizations are increasingly adopting cloud-native architectures and seeking effective solutions to manage their growing unstructured data. The integration of Qumulo’s hybrid cloud unstructured data services and Commvault’s data management platform addresses these evolving challenges, enabling businesses to leverage the scalability and flexibility of the cloud while maintaining granular control over their data.

Please see Qumulo’s data sheet for Commvault for more information.

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