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How Qumulo Helped an AWS Customer Reduce Latency by Shrinking the Distance Data Had to Travel

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How Qumulo helped an AWS customer reduce latency by shrinking the distance data had to travel

Learn how Qumulo enabled a large university to reduce latency and increase efficiency

When leveraging the cloud, it can become challenging to run applications that require low latency and high performance while still maintaining reasonable costs. This is especially true when the cloud provider’s closest supported region is over a thousand miles away.

One of Qumulo’s higher education customers in Arizona was using Amazon FSx for their enterprise file share workloads. Managing 100+ FSx shares with their existing solution was proving to be too slow and expensive. The largest challenge was the closest AWS region for FSx was over a thousand miles away in Oregon. The customer had chosen it as their home region over Northern California due to cost differences.

The distance between FSx and the customer’s workload created a performance issue when latency became unacceptably high. High latency creates bottlenecks in the workflow, even if it’s only a handful of milliseconds here and there. This customer moves large amounts of data, so having it stored closer makes all the difference.

Local Zones for AWS are a type of infrastructure deployment that places compute, storage, database, and other select AWS services close to large populations and industry centers in order to serve specific regions. They are designed to bring select AWS services closer to their customers and reduce latency.  

Bringing the Data Closer to Home

The customer needed a solution to  reduce latency. As an existing Qumulo customer for their multi-petabyte research projects, the university knew Qumulo could help.

3x Improved Throughput and Reduced Latency

By running Qumulo in an AWS Local Zone closer to Arizona, the customer was able to deploy a cost-effective solution with increased performance, and gained real-time visibility into all their data on a granular level. In the end, the customer was able to consolidate its file share workflow and saw 3X improved throughput and lower latency compared to AWS FSx running in the US-West-2 (Oregon) region.

The customer moved their most demanding internal customers to Qumulo first. Since this initial deployment was so successful, plans are underway to move the next phase of unstructured data workloads to Qumulo on AWS.

Scale Anywhere with Qumulo

Qumulo makes it simple to manage petabytes of unstructured data anywhere and forever. In the cloud, Qumulo’s modern scale-out file system enables high performance workloads and provides intelligent data services needed to meet stringent SLAs.

Qumulo on AWS supports all regions except China, including GovCloud, Local Zones, and Outposts. By leveraging the infrastructure building blocks available on AWS, Qumulo can provide the same world-class unstructured data solution everywhere. Applications can benefit from low latency by running in the Local Zone closest to the end user.

With Qumulo on an AWS Local Zone, customers get:

  • World-class enterprise unstructured data solution
  • Reduced latency between clients and applications
  • Increased throughput
  • Local data residency needs met
  • A cost-effective solution

In summary, latency is reduced, and customers also see cost savings and a boost in throughput. If your organization is struggling with latency issues and can’t get the level of service you need, email to learn more about Qumulo on AWS.

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