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The modern, highly scalable file storage system that runs in the data center and the public cloud

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QF2 gives you the freedom to store, manage and access globally distributed sets of file data with ease at massive scale.

Qumulo - On premise and cloud

On premises + cloud

QF2 stores billions of files in your data center and in the public cloud.

Qumulo - Highest performance network attached storage

Highest performance

QF2 is the highest performance file storage system on premises and in the cloud.

Qumulo - 3x price performance of legacy storage

Lower TCO

QF2 costs less and has lower TCO than legacy storage appliances.

Qumulo debuts in the Gartner Magic Quadrant

Named a visionary for Distributed File Systems and Object Storage

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At DreamWorks, we are a digital manufacturer and digital media files are the core asset of our business. During the production of a major animated motion picture, we often create in excess of 500 million media files. If storage fails to perform, the creativity stalls. QF2 gives us the speed to meet our demanding production schedules, while continuing to raise the bar on creating the world’s most compelling movie experiences.
Skottie Miller
Technology Fellow for Engineering and Infrastructure at DreamWorks Animation

New requirements for file-based storage are emerging. Learn how QF2 delivers on the promise of universal scale. (18 pages, PDF)

IHME Chooses QF2

"Our researchers in epidemiology who study how diseases spread have very large, file-based data sets that are best analyzed with GPU-based, massively parallel computing that runs in the public cloud. Ramping up GPU infrastructure on premises in our data center is far too expensive and complex. QF2 allows us to move file-based data sets to a QF2 cluster on AWS, complete our analysis, and move the artifact back to our on-premises QF2 storage cluster, saving us time and money. The flexibility for us to move our file-based data where we need it to be is something that nobody else in the market can provide at scale."

Tyrone Grandison, CIO, Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation at the University of Washington


"We are building a fully orchestrated visual effects rendering solution that spans our on-premises data center and AWS. We now have a QF2 cluster on AWS and in our data center creating a unified fabric that enables us to share file data between these two operating environments, maintain workflow consistency, and meet the high performance requirements for heavy compute workloads in the cloud."

Jason Fotter, co-founder and CTO, FuseFX

Read what analysts are saying about modern file storage (6 pages, PDF)

Managing data with QF2 is so simple it’s hard to describe the impact. It has given us tremendous ROI in terms of time saved and problems eliminated, and having that reliable storage we can finally trust makes us eager to use it more broadly throughout the company.
John Beck
IT Manager, Hyundai MOBIS

Qumulo is the leader in universal-scale file storage

Learn how QF2 delivers on the promise of universal scale (18 pages, PDF)

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