Qumulo Care

No one likes being held hostage by high licensing costs and “innovation” that doesn’t keep up with day-to-day realities. Even worse, the support legacy NAS users do get has a way of becoming exorbitantly expensive three years into the relationship.

Here’s how Qumulo is rewriting Customer Success rulebook:

Qumulo Care pairs you with a dedicated Customer Success Manager (CSM) who has years of actual storage management experience. Our CSM’s aren’t trained to read a phone script and pass you off – they’ve got deep experience working with scale-out file systems and their respective industry standard workflows and applications.

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    Customer Success Managers

    Your dedicated CSM will:

    • Familiarize you with your Qumulo product in a way that only an experienced storage manager can —to help you get your Qumulo product into production in the shortest time possible
    • Act as your primary contact for any of your pre/post-install questions, ensuring the installation and integration into your infrastructure are smooth
    • Act as your primary contact for support requests, upgrades and feedback
    • Provide valuable insights and recommendations for managing large-scale storage environments
    • Conduct regular calls to help better understand your needs and address any questions or concerns

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      Cloud-Based Monitoring

      Qumulo Care Cloud-Based Monitoring proactively monitors and reports on your cluster uptime, performance and capacity usage over a secure VPN connection. Cloud-Based Monitoring includes

      • Proactive online monitoring of your Qumulo cluster
      • Monitoring for Qumulo Core software as well as hardware events such as capacity triggers, latency, throughput, IOPS and disk and node failures
      • Support from your dedicated, experienced Qumulo Care team


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        Data Visualizations

        Qumulo Care leverages data gathered from our Cloud-Based Monitoring service to provide you with time series visualizations of key cluster metrics via a web service. It’s like nothing else in the industry—and it provides you with critical insights into latency, hard drive utilization, ssd utilization, client read/write counts, cluster balance and much more.

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          Online Qumulo Community

          The Qumulo Online Community allows you to engage with other Qumulo customers and users. The community provides a centralized location for software release notes, new Qumulo Core builds, knowledge base articles, videos, tutorials and more. With the Online Qumulo Community you can:

          • Collaborate with other Qumulo Customers and Qumulo employees.
          • Exchange ideas and provide feedback directly to Qumulo.
          • Stay current with the latest news and software releases from Qumulo.
          • Browse and search the Qumulo Core Knowledge Base articles.

          Visit Online Qumulo Community

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            Qumulo Core Open Source Community

            The Qumulo Core Open Source Community contains applications built by and for Qumulo customers using the Qumulo Core API’s. The Qumulo Core Open Source Community allows you to:

            • Access the latest Open Source applications built with the Qumulo Core APIs.
            • Learn and collaborate with others on how to leverage the power of the Qumulo Core APIs
            • Contribute and share your own applications using the Qumulo Core APIs.

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            Visit Qumulo Core Open Source Community

Qumulo will assign a severity level for each technical problem based on Customer’s description of the problems. Qumulo’s SLAs are dependent on the severity level assigned to the customer problem as per the table below.

Response Times

Outage, data loss or corruption. Example: Cluster is down or not enough up nodes to form quorum

2 hours; 24x7

High business impact, but the cluster is still functional. Example: A node is down but the cluster is still in quorum.

2 hours; 8x5 PT

Bad bug, but a workaround is available. Example: Poor performance if you Is and dd from the same client. The workaround could be to mount to two different nodes and run Is against node 1 and dd against node 2.

2 hours; 8x5 PT

Poor user experience or annoyance. Example: A hover dialog lingers for ~5s after changing.

6 hours; 8x5 PT

Cosmetic, other. Example: Change in the background color of a dialog box.

6 hours; 8x5 PT

Hardware replacement: Advance replacement, next business day
FRUs: HDD, SSD, power supply, fans, optics and cables