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Introducing Qumulo’s New Suite of Data Services

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Announcing Qumulo’s Support of the HPE All-NVMe Flash Platform  Learn More→

qumuo's data services make data management much easier

Simplicity is your path to success

Achieve superior scale, security, and performance without complexity with Qumulo’s newest release.

If you’re tired of breaking the bank for performance, being constrained in leveraging technology advancements, paying for clunky data security, time-consuming upgrades, and difficulties accessing data, Qumulo can help.

Qumulo customers: Upgrade today

NVMe cached performance - Image of a fast sleek sports car next to an economical car
We believe the performance of NVMe should be available to everyone.

NVMe cached performance

NVMe benefits have historically been accessible only to specialized workloads with large budgets. Qumulo breaks this paradigm by introducing the industry’s first software to provide machine learning optimized read-write cache leveraging NVMe.

Imagine achieving the performance of NVMe at one-third the cost of an all-NVMe solution. Now you can.

With the new release of Qumulo Core software and two new qualified hardware options (C-192T and C-432T), you get NVMe performance at the price of disk!

Qumulo Dynamic Scale with Node Compatibility

Most organizations stress about when to make technology investments because they don’t want to miss the window of opportunity to access new innovations from vendors.

With Qumulo’s Dynamic Scale, your investment is protected. It’s simple to leverage newly qualified platforms with the latest processors, memory and storage devices. No forklift upgrades, data migrations, or complex storage pool management required. Just add the new platform to your existing environment and the data is automatically redistributed. Increased performance and capacity are transparently made available to users and applications. That’s it!

Qumulo Dynamic Scale with Node Compatibility
We believe you should not be held back from having access to the latest technology.
Qumulo Secure with AES 256 Encryption at Rest
We believe your data should always be encrypted.

Qumulo Secure with AES 256 Encryption at Rest

Businesses today are under increasing pressure to adhere to compliance standards and safeguard their data. Meanwhile, cyber threats are at an all-time high. Securing this vital asset is high on your priority list, but employing data encryption can be complex and costly.

Qumulo makes data encryption easy and cost-effective as part of the new Qumulo Secure set of data services. Now, all your data is automatically encrypted using AES 256-bit software encryption at rest–no added cost. This includes any of our certified hardware platforms.

As part of Qumulo’s standard software subscription, we offer a wide range of security features including role based authentication (RBAC), audit, and encryption in-flight. Now you have the peace-of-mind that your data is secure.

Qumulo Instant Upgrade

Software upgrades to IT infrastructure are typically dreaded by those responsible for the time-consuming, tedious planning, and scheduled multi-day maintenance windows. Thankfully, this scenario is now a thing of the past.

Qumulo’s new Instant Upgrade completes in 20 seconds, regardless of the size of your data environment. Even better, it can run during the business day without impacting users or applications.

Rest assured that upgrades are fast and consistent across cluster sizes and different underlying hardware. Now, your biggest challenge is what you’re going to do with your extra free time?

Qumulo Instant Upgrade - image showing a person working in a data center vs a person enjoying time outside on a sail boat
We believe you should never spend your weekend doing upgrades.
Qumulo Shift Visual Interface
We believe your data should not be held hostage by vendors.

Qumulo Shift Visual Interface

Vendor lock-in is an unfortunate reality for many organizations. IT vendors have business models that lock users and data into a single cloud or hardware environment, with proprietary software required for data access.

Increasingly, applications and developers want to use capabilities and services connected to cloud object stores such as Amazon S3, but data is typically created in a file format. Qumulo Shift is now part of Visual Interface, making it remarkably simple to copy data from a file solution into Amazon S3.

With one click, users can transform data from file to object, select their Amazon S3 target buckets, and initiate a data copy. It’s that simple!

Now you have complete control and ownership of your data and can retain S3-native and file-native properties. Say good-bye to vendor lock-in with a flexible software-defined file data platform.

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