Top Five Reasons to Enhance Safety and Security Systems with Modern File Storage

Public safety and security is one of the most important issues for governments at all levels. Terror attacks and other national tragedies have heightened public authorities’ interest in deploying more video surveillance cameras and security devices in many public areas, including city streets and centers, transportation hubs, and utilities, to monitor for suspicious activity.

Some of these areas can span large geographical spaces, deploying surveillance infrastructures that can include thousands of fixed, mobile, and aerial high-resolution IP cameras, which produce petabytes of data. In addition, the development of smart cities and the growth of the internet of things (IoT) present additional concerns relating to data management and storage for this market.

Many state and local governments have begun extending their data retention periods due to litigation risk, increased security concerns, and enhanced security strategies. These retention periods can range from days and weeks, to months and years, and can change over time, so the storage needs to easily adapt to these changes without additional management overhead.

Deploying a modern file storage solution is very important to support today’s video surveillance and security system demands. Here are the benefits:

1 High availability and reliability.

Video surveillance footage can be one of the most critical pieces of evidence used to help solve a crime. Therefore, it is imperative that there are no interruptions in data flow, which can result in the loss of video frames. A distributed file system like Qumulo ensures that city and state government deployments never lose access, or a frame. This modern file storage solution employs a reliable, high-availability feature, using floating IPs, which allows connections to be distributed across multiple nodes, to avoid client-side interruption. In addition, Qumulo’s software protects all content using erasure coding, which delivers superior levels of availability and security protection, without significant capacity overhead. Data protection is built into Qumulo’s software, reducing cost and complexity, while ensuring availability and redundancy.

2 Real-time analytics and insight.

Today’s video surveillance and security deployments in many public areas, city or state public buildings, or utilities, can engage hundreds or thousands of devices, installed across expansive geographies. These devices can generate petabytes of both small and large files. Qumulo’s software provides built-in real-time analytics, which not only give administrators actionable insights to identify storage usage and capacity trends, it also provides information on how the storage, video surveillance management software, and cameras are working together. By monitoring these trends, organizations can adjust plans to fit real-time requirements, and can proactively plan for future performance and capacity growth.

3 Efficient scalability and performance.

As government organizations continuously upgrade and expand their safety and security systems, they can benefit from a simple, modular storage solution that can grow incrementally, or expansively, to meet their needs. Qumulo offers a scalable, cost-effective storage architecture that scales across on-prem and cloud environments; utilizing clusters of nodes made up of Qumulo hardware, or pre-qualified, industry-standard hardware from HPE or Fujitsu. Managing growth is simple. Simply add nodes to the existing infrastructure to increase performance and capacity levels uniformly, when required, with no disruption or downtime. In addition, using a single Qumulo platform, organizations can seamlessly scale to public cloud environments, as and when needed, to support future growth

4 Cost-effective and efficient.

Today’s government deployments are continuously increasing the number of cameras, moving toward high-resolution IP cameras, and keeping media assets longer. Budgets can’t always keep up with the rapidly growing data demand; so efficiency is the key to managing costs. Qumulo’s file storage solution is built to offer maximum efficiencies in many areas, providing simple linear scalability to grow both performance and capacity to multiple petabytes, optimized management of both large and small files, built-in data protection which allows 100 percent capacity usage (yes, 100 percent!), and real-time analytics, which enables administrators to manage the entire infrastructure more proactively… all driving lower overall TCO.

5 Simple deployment and platform flexibility.

Most state and local government infrastructures are heterogeneous, using a variety of different applications across Windows, Mac and Linux environments. Qumulo’s enterprise NAS file storage software fits perfectly in these environments and integrates with existing network clients. Not only can it be used with leading video management software (VMS) providers such as Milestone and Genetec to ingest and secure video surveillance data, it can be seamlessly utilized for data storage by other applications within the organization. Qumulo integrates with Active Directory and LDAP for user security, to manage permissions, controls, and access restrictions for file applications, to create the smoothest workflow possible for mixed-protocol environments.

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