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Enable government offices to be more efficient, secure, and responsive.

Qumulo’s enterprise proven, cloud-native distributed file system is at the heart of an efficient IT transformation.

Key Benefits

Minimize administrative effort with a modern file system designed to address today’s storage challenges


Seamless hybrid cloud storage and management using the same file system on-prem and in the cloud


Obtain real-time, actionable analytics and gain visibility and control


Reliable, high performance storage that is backed by trusted, world-class Qumulo customer success

Managing data through IT transformation

From the Data Center Optimization Initiative and the Federal IT Acquisition Reform Act, to the new Modernizing Government Technology Act and the AI Mandate, federal leaders are focused on creating a more efficient, secure, and responsive government. Today, with hybrid and multi-cloud environments, automation, artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies, agencies have new opportunities to modernize and reduce the administrative and cost burden associated with legacy infrastructure.

A key focus for these agencies is being able to manage government data as a strategic asset and being able to facilitate the use of federal government data assets by external stakeholders. This includes access and use by the private sector and scientific and research communities, as well as by state and local governments for public policy and education

Legacy systems aren't enough

A file storage system is a component that is often just assumed to be core to enabling IT transformation. Deploying a modern, hybrid cloud distributed file system is fundamental to effectively and efficiently managing file data (often consisting of billions of files) so you can leverage sophisticated analytic tools and technologies available today.

Qumulo’s customers understand the benefits that Qumulo’s industry-leading hybrid cloud file storage provides. Qumulo delivers a unified file storage system that delivers real-time visibility, scale and control of file data. It provides a simple storage infrastructure that can handle petabyte levels of both small and large files, with linear scalability to grow performance and capacity, when needed, with no downtime, across on-prem and cloud environments.


Qumulo for Federal Government and NATO

Your path to the cloud

Qumulo’s cloud-native file system was designed to work in today’s hybrid cloud or multi-cloud environments. To ensure simple and consistent management across multiple sites, such as AWS, GCP, on-prem, and private-cloud, Qumulo’s file software exactly works the same, providing the exact same file system across all environments.

Provide flexibility to users with confidence

Qumulo’s enterprise NAS file storage supports heterogeneous environments (NFS, SMB, and FTP) allowing users to work how they like to work without negatively impacting workflows or access to data. Qumulo integrates with Active Directory and LDAP for user security, to manage permissions, controls, and access restrictions for file applications, to create the smoothest workflow possible for mixed-protocol environments.

Enhance security with video surveillance

In addition to using Qumulo as primary storage, the federal government can also utilize it to integrate with video surveillance systems such as Milestone or Genetec, to storage video surveillance (CCTV) images, aerial images, footage from body cameras and data from security devices.

Manage multi-PB of data without increasing headcount

Qumulo provides system administrators access to real-time analytics that monitor performance, capacity, and usage of the file storage across the entire infrastructure. This allows users to gain insights and manage issues before they occur, and to proactively make decisions around future growth planning.

Achieve seamless growth

Qumulo offers a scalable, cost-effective storage solution that scales across on-prem and cloud environments; utilizing clusters of nodes made up of Qumulo hardware, or pre-qualified hardware from HPE or Fujitsu and cloud vendors AWS and GCP. Managing growth is simple. Just add nodes to the existing infrastructure to increase performance and capacity levels uniformly, when required, without disruption or downtime. In the cloud, you just spin up another instance, and shut it down just as rapidly when it is no longer required.

World-class Customer Success

Qumulo’s Customer Success team is staffed by system administrators and engineers, using dedicated Slack channels for immediate communication. Customer success services include cloud-based monitoring and phone alerts.

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