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Unified file storage that delivers real-time visibility, scale and control of data.
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Data is the lifeblood of healthcare.

However, obtaining it in a timely fashion can often be a challenge. With Qumulo, you can harness your file data to improve patient care. Qumulo’s enterprise-proven, distributed file system is the core technology for digital transformation within the medical community.

Key Benefits

Streamline and consolidate access to clinical data


Easily and securely share large amounts of data


Ensure HIPAA compliance


Minimize administrative effort

A new focus on IT transformation

Federal leaders are focused on creating a more efficient, secure, and responsive healthcare experience. Today, with hybrid and multi-cloud environments, automation, and artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies, agencies have new opportunities to modernize and reduce the administrative and cost burden associated with legacy infrastructure.

Being able to easily and securely share large amounts of data is often cited as a key reason for moving to the cloud. To effectively use the cloud to share large amounts of data, you need to be able to seamlessly move data from on-prem environments to the cloud and between often different cloud vendors, all the while guaranteeing data integrity.

Deploying a hybrid cloud distributed file system is fundamental to effectively and efficiently move to the cloud, and to manage your file data (often comprising billions of files) so you can leverage the analytic tools and technologies available today.

Streamlining medical image management

Qumulo provides a unified file storage system that delivers real-time visibility, scale and control of data. Its simple file storage infrastructure can handle petabyte levels of small and large files, with linear scalability to grow performance and capacity, when needed, with no downtime, across on-prem and cloud environments.

Selecting the right file system is fundamental to ensuring a successful hybrid cloud solution. The file system needs to effectively handle exponential data growth, while improving operational efficiencies. Further, given that medical records are often kept anywhere from five to ten years after a patient’s latest treatment, discharge or death, managing archive solutions within tight budget, is also critical. Qumulo can help.


Qumulo for Federal Healthcare

Your path to the cloud

Qumulo’s cloud-native file system was designed to operate in today’s hybrid cloud or multi-cloud environments. To ensure simple and consistent management across multiple sites, AWS, GCP, on-prem, private-cloud, Qumulo’s file system works seamlessly and is, in fact, the exact same file system across all environments. Qumulo integrates with Active Directory and LDAP for user security, permissions management, controls, and access restrictions for file applications, to create the smoothest workflow possible for mixed-protocol environments, while also ensuring HIPAA and HITECH compliance.

Linearly scale to support higher storage capacity requirements

Qumulo’s software is purpose-built for demanding, data-intensive workloads of any size. The simple-to-manage, scale-out architecture gives you control to add commodity disk capacity and storage when and where you need it, to support long-term storage of medical data and images. Qumulo can support billions of files, small or large, and hundreds of petabytes. The file system scales via ethernet-attached storage and processor nodes, which is ideal for integration with PACS systems.

Achieve seamless growth

Qumulo’s scalable, cost-effective storage solution scales across on-prem and cloud environments; utilizing clusters of nodes made up of Qumulo hardware, or pre-qualified hardware from HPE or Fujitsu and cloud vendors AWS and GCP. Managing growth is simple. Just add nodes to the existing infrastructure to increase performance and capacity levels uniformly, when required, with no disruption or downtime. In the cloud you just spin up another instance, and shut it down just as rapidly when it is no longer required.

Enhance security with video surveillance

In addition to using Qumulo as primary storage the medical community can also utilize it for integration with video surveillance systems such as Milestone or Genetec, to storage video surveillance (CCTV) images, aerial images, footage from body cameras and data from security devices.

World-class Customer Success

Qumulo’s Customer Success team is staffed by system administrators and engineers, using dedicated Slack channels for immediate communication. Customer success services include cloud-based monitor and phone alerts.

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