Qumulo helps boost collaboration, productivity and business efficiencies to keeps you on top of the game.

Gaming is one of the most competitive media industries in the world today. Game development studios work tirelessly to launch new games every day to stay in front.

Qumulo’s hybrid cloud file storage and data services help accelerate gaming design and production by providing fast reliable accessibility to all data within a single namespace, rapid scalability to meet aggressive production demands. This enables in-house and remote artists to collaborate with multiple studios and simultaneously work on projects to achieve faster turnaround times, in both on-prem and cloud environments.

Key Benefits

Accelerate performance and productivity


Leverage cloud compute power to boost processing and analytics


Enable collaboration across multiple geographic regions


Rapid scalability on-prem, private cloud, and public cloud


Integrated data protection and cost efficiencies


Improve business efficiencies with real-time analytics

 Solutions Built for Gaming


With Qumulo, game development studios can utilize all-NVMe or flash-first platforms to deliver ultra-fast performance for exabyte levels of content without incurring the high costs of previous-generation systems. Qumulo’s hybrid file software delivers low latency and ultra fast performance to support concurrent users to accelerate collaboration, creativity, management, and delivery.


Qumulo enables game development studios to leverage cloud compute power, with AWS, GCP or Azure, to boost creative compute processing or to conduct big data (AI) analytics, on demand. Qumulo’s hybrid file software provides the flexibility to enhance multi-location collaboration, to meet deadlines faster.


Qumulo’s hybrid file software centralizes all data with a single namespace, delivering fast reliable access to all artists, animators, and editors, whether they are in the studio or working from remote locations. Qumulo helps keep creativity flowing to meet tight deadlines.


Qumulo helps game development studios consolidate data and remove silos to work more efficiently. Meeting rapid growth demands is easy with Qumulo. With its modular architecture, game developers can expand capacity to support billions of files and exabyte levels of data, on-prem or in the cloud, with no disruption or downtime.

Enterprise-level data protection

Qumulo software is designed with built-in enterprise level data protection using erasure coding. Qumulo enables local and remote snapshots and continuous replication to ensure data is preserved for the long-term and always available.

Real-time analytics

Qumulo provides built-in real-time analytics that provide visibility to the entire creative environment including workstations, storage usage, throughput, latency and more, to help optimize the environment to support maximum productivity, proactively manage current issues and plan future requirements.

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