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Hybrid cloud file storage for high performance computing.

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Research computing is one of the fastest growth sectors in the IT world today.

Research and academic institutions, national labs, energy companies, financial institutions, manufacturing and government organizations, use HPC to help solve complex problems. For example, finding cures for disease, better understanding the universe, building better machines that further innovation, or predicting the weather.

Qumulo delivers a high performance cloud-native distributed file system that meets the performance and capacity demands of HPC environments, in the data center and in the cloud.

Key Benefits

Performance to support HPC workloads with extreme low latency with all-NVMe nodes


Effortlessly manage mixed I/O performance for billions of small and large files


Scale across on-prem and the cloud - Burst compute, collaborate, archive


Real-time visibility across billions of files; eliminate data blindness


Improve efficiencies by unifying NAS, home directories, instruments, processing and AI/ML with a single namespace


Interface with existing applications easily, including NFS, SMB, FTP, HTTP and S3.

Research imaging

Modern imaging techniques are an essential part of cutting-edge research.

These imaging techniques offer many technologies: microscopy, magnetic resonance imaging, mass spectrometry, X-ray imaging, radar imaging, ultrasound imaging, photoacoustic imaging, thermal imaging, and imaging from telescopes and satellites.

All of these techniques produce large amounts of file data and put tremendous demands on an organization’s file storage system. Qumulo can help.

Genomic data and sequencing

Next-generation sequencing (NGS) has increased the storage requirements for genomic data dramatically.

As sequencers become more advanced, they produce more data. Also, efficiency has reduced costs, which means that more organizations can do more sequencing.

IT administrators are under pressure to find ways to expand and manage storage infrastructure. Qumulo can help.

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) require file storage at unprecedented scale.

Qumulo’s file system is designed to store exabytes of data. Scale easily as your data grows. Get real-time visibility into the storage system, down to the file level, within a single namespace.

Data analytics workloads

The ability to make informed decisions from large datasets is critical for today’s enterprises.

Data sources for analysis include mobile phones, sensors and wearable devices, as well as applications and infrastructure in the data center and the cloud.

Adequate storage is a pressing problem for data analytics. Qumulo can help.


Drive innovation. Accelerate research and outcomes with Qumulo.


Qumulo’s file system delivers extreme low latency, IOPS, and throughput performance for today’s HPC workloads. Supports mixed IO performance and handles billions of small files as efficiently as large ones.

Real-time visibility and control

Qumulo’s real-time analytics eliminates data blindness, providing instant visibility across billions of files. Organizations gain control with real-time information about the entire storage system to predict usage and capacity trends, and more proactively manage current and future requirements. System administrators can identify trends for chargebacks and apply quotas in real-time.

Scale across on-prem and the cloud

Qumulo’s cloud-native distributed file storage delivers fast, consistent access to data across the entire system. Scale-out architecture to expand performance and capacity across on-prem and cloud environments. Burst compute performance, collaborate, and archive.

Unify and consolidate

Qumulo’s single namespace consolidates legacy NAS and parallel system storage silos, and unifies workloads with a single SMB share or NFS mount for NAS, home directories, instruments, processing and AI/ML. Data is consolidated and collaboration is accelerated.

How it works

Qumulo hybrid cloud file system for high performance computing

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