Secure Enterprise User Data

Qumulo makes it incredibly easy for organizations to securely store, manage, and share user and home directory data across Windows, Mac and Linux users, scaling to billions of large and small files.
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Enterprise-proven file and user directory storage

Enterprise organizations and universities need the ability to securely support hundreds or thousands of users with a variety of client machines, ranging from Mac to Windows to Linux. Qumulo delivers an enterprise-proven file data platform that can rapidly scale–on-demand–whether operating on-prem, multi-site, in the cloud, or any combination thereof, providing you with:

  • Real-time visibility into data usage and performance at petabyte scale
  • The ability to provide show back to different organizations using the shared file data platform
  • The permissions, controls and access restrictions you need to meet security and compliance standards
  • The ability to share data across standard protocols, such as NFS, SMB, FTP, CLI, to efficiently support a variety of enterprise applications and user environments

Sinclair Oil Expands its Digital Repositories

Sinclair uses Qumulo to manage hundreds of thousands of documents–with millions of individual files–in its new digital repository. Not only did they achieve the extreme scale and performance required, but their IT staff also gained immediate and actionable insights into data usage and storage performance.

Ellie Mae Boosts Innovation Across Mortgage Industry

Ellie Mae (Capsilon) caters to nationwide banks, mortgage companies, and credit unions, generating billions of files with tens-of-thousands of small digital files. Qumulo’s enterprise file management capabilities deliver the extreme level of efficiency required to ensure Capsilon’s customers have rapid and seamless access to information. Real-time visibility for actionable insight into their data, and better storage efficiency, yields an outstanding ROI.

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