Optimize editorial workflows with universal scale storage

Simplify workflows by eliminating data silos.

High-performance scale-out storage for media and entertainment

File-based data is the lifeblood of today’s media and entertainment companies. If your data storage slows or fails, your business grinds to a halt.

For storage workflows like compositing, rendering, animation, simulations, editing, post-production, color correction, VFX or virtual reality, Qumulo is the hybrid file storage solution of choice.

Many of the world’s most respected names in media and entertainment – from creative agency Ant Farm to visual effects company ZOIC Studios – choose Qumulo because they need immensely scalable file storage that can easily store tens of billions of files, while delivering maximum performance with real-time visibility and control both on-premise and in the cloud.

Whether you’re a global media powerhouse or a scrappy creative startup, chances are you’re looking for to increase the business value of your media assets by merging creative talent with technological breakthroughs.

Qumulo’s software was designed from the ground up for the new era of multi-petabyte data scale on-premise and in the cloud.


Whether you work in 2K or 4K, compressed or uncompressed, Qumulo ensures you can play back and edit your footage smoothly, even when there are multiple editors working with multiple streams of footage.

Choose hybrid, SSD/HDD Qumulo clusters, available either on Qumulo standard hardware or HPE servers, to make sure your 2K, compressed or uncompressed, and 4K compressed editing sessions run smoothly, with instant image retrieval.

For your most demanding 4K uncompressed (and beyond) jobs, the Qumulo P-series, with state-of-the-art NVMe all-flash technology, delivers the best price performance of any SSD file system. The Qumulo P-series outperforms proprietary all-flash hardware and marks a new era of high performance on industry-standard components. The Qumulo P-series delivers 16GBs per second in a minimum configuration four-node system with the best price performance of any all-flash file storage solution.


Demands for more storage are dramatically increasing. HD and 2K already require many TBs of storage and 4K requires four times the capacity. Qumulo easily scales to keep pace as your company takes on more projects and more complex technical challenges. Every node you add increases performance as well as capacity.

Freedom from silos

Creating a storage silo for every new project or application adds complexity and expense. Storage silos are difficult to manage and to scale. Use Qumulo’s file system to consolidate your storage. With Qumulo as your central storage repository, you can eliminate copying and simplify your workflows.

Real-time visibility and control

Our analytics tools allow you to see how their storage is being used now and over time so you can make better-informed decisions without the worry of overprovisioning.

Access to your data, when and how you want it

Provision your data across on-premise and public cloud environments wherever it can most effectively power your media and entertainment business. Qumulo’s unique hybrid cloud approach lets you access, manage and migrate your data seamlessly across both environments.

Supports your media workloads, including:

  • Animation rendering
  • Live action virtual reality applications
  • 2D compositing and visual effects
  • Uncompressed 4K video editing

“Qumulo is our rock, allowing us to focus on the visual effects with absolute confidence the data is safe.”

Tim LeDoux, Visual Effects Supervisor for award-winning film La La Land

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