Qumulo CloudContinuity

Automate data synchronization in the cloud for failover, disaster recovery, and cloud transformation.

Qumulo CloudContinuity enables customers to keep a fully up-to-date copy of their on-prem data in the cloud on a Qumulo cluster. CloudContinuity protects customer data during a disaster scenario, enables quick failover for continuous business operations, and helps pre-shift data as customers look to move workloads to the cloud.

Running natively in AWS or GCP, CloudContinuity serves as a replication target for on-prem cluster data. Data can be replicated across clouds too, providing a true multicloud solution. Clusters in the cloud can run 24/7, or be programmatically turned on/off before replication to reduce costs.

How Qumulo CloudContinuity Works

Qumulo’s distributed file system provides continuous replication across storage clusters, whether on-prem or in the public cloud. Continuous replication creates a copy of each file in a directory on the primary cluster (in this case, on-prem), and transfers it to a directory on a secondary target cluster (in this case, the cloud).

Cloud Continuity Diagram

While continuous replication is running, Qumulo’s software intelligently replicates only the data that’s changed, ensuring data is quickly and efficiently stored safely in the cloud. Replication relationships can be established on a per-directory basis for maximum flexibility, and target clusters in the cloud can be programmatically toggled on or off to reduce operational costs.

Only Qumulo CloudContinuity can offer:

  • Visibility: Real-time analytics help customers understand how much data has been stored in the cloud, and how quickly operations are failing over to the cloud cluster.
  • Failover to the cloud: Built to scale to billions of files across your data center and the cloud, with intelligent replication for data set changes.
  • Flexible and agile control: Programmable cluster provisioning and management helps meet the needs of multiple DR strategies. Pre-shift data, without having to worry about massive migrations.
  • Customer success: Lifting and shifting data, and working through disaster recovering events can be scary and challenging. Qumulo’s customer success team employs industry experts, who respond in seconds to customer questions. No more time consuming tickets or queuing systems – just answers from some of the smartest people in the industry.

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