Advanced Driver Assistance Systems

Store, manage and analyze data for self-driving vehicles.

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems require file storage at unprecedented scale.

Qumulo’s file system is designed to store exabytes of data. Scale easily as your data grows. Get real-time visibility into the storage system, down to the file level, within a single namespace.

Key Benefits

Get results faster


Symmetrically scale capacity and performance


Automate with the industry's most advanced API


Unmatched custmer success

How it Works

Qumulo Hybrid Cloud File Storage for ADAS

Here is an example of a SIL workflow, where software simulates the behavior of an electronic control unit (ECU).

The captured sensor data is transferred to Qumulo, typically over SMB. From there the SIL servers retrieve it, resulting in many parallel read streams. The servers send the data, along with the test cases, out to the simulation software and then send the results back to the file storage system.

Data enrichment is the tags that are added to the video. The footage needs to be labeled and indexed so that developers can query for specific video sequences.

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