Get Off My Couch! – UX for Enterprise Storage with Dominique Elkind

Managing enterprise storage can sometimes be a bore, but not here at Qumulo. We understand the importance of first impressions which is why we are designing a user experience that customers can easily fall in love with right from the start.

Find out how we deliver software aimed to excite and delight with Dominique, our User Experience Lead, on this episode of Get off my Couch presented by Qumulo.

Transcription of video

Joel: Hey, everybody, we are back on the couch. And today, I’m with Dominique, who is our lead here and queen of all things user experience. So hi, Dominique.

Dominique: Hi, Joel.

Joel: Let’s start with the easy one first. So, at Qumulo, what does “user experience” mean when we talk about that?

Dominique: That’s a great question, Joel. So, user experience means the customer experience. So, it’s how customers and users interact with our product. And it’s everything from the user flow, so how the customer first experiences the product, from onboarding to first touchpoints. And how they use features, how they feel about our product. So, we focus on the design because we want customers to love our product.

Joel: Okay. So, we make enterprise storage, often times not the most interesting thing in the world. Why would a company like Qumulo, with so many features to deliver our customers, spend so much time on the user experience? Why does that matter to us?

Dominique: Yeah. I think a lot of companies have realized that design can be a differentiator in the product. It can be the reason why customers love one product over another product. And I think, at the very best-case scenario, it helps our bottom line. So, if customers have a really good experience, if our product is easy, and intuitive, and delightful, just feels good, looks good, it’s easy, it doesn’t make the user’s day more fraught. We want to be a delightful point in their day and actually have them excited about their job, because they’re using software and tools that they love and that they’re passionate about.

Joel: I like it. So, what’s next? I mean, we’ve got a product, there’s an experience that we have today. What do we want to tell people about what’s the next big thing coming down the line for Qumulo, from a user experience standpoint?

Dominique: Yeah. We’re working on a bunch of improvements to our UI. Mobile is a big focus point for us in terms of the experience. We want to allow customers to use our product on any device. We also just want to make features that we already have easier, faster. So, performance is a part of that, but also the design, so making sure it’s as easy, as intuitive as possible. We also want to add fun elements, so making things just delightful. So, we’ll make things as beautiful as we can, as easy as we possibly can.


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