Get Off My Couch! – Storage for VFX with Jason Fotter of FuseFX

Qumulo’s mission is to be the company the world trusts to store, manage, and curate its data forever. So when we hear from a fellow visionary that Qumulo solutions are changing the way they do business, we can’t help but share. Find out why Jason Fotter, cofounder and CTO of the visual effects studio FuseFX, chose Qumulo to leverage the power of the cloud in the very first customer edition of Get of my Couch presented by Qumulo.

Video Transcript

How did you find a young company like Qumulo up here in the North West?

Jason: We found Qumulo a few years ago, when we were looking for a specialized storage product for our simulation environment. We needed a fast storage system that could support the large workloads that Houdini generates, and we wanted to pull that workload off of our primary storage system. That was right around the time that Qumulo started to really market towards media and entertainment. And we were really excited that there was this new storage company, kind of like FuseFX, new blood in the business that was engaged and eager to solve problems. And that was really the major selling point for me once I started talking to the team and, obviously, you guys had a great product and, you know, you had a good vision. It didn’t seem like you had the bottlenecks of corporate structure and you could develop fast and create new features, and that was really, really exciting to me. And so that’s why we chose to go with Qumulo.

How does Qumulo support you both on-premise and also inside of AWS?

Jason: So similar story, you know. We bought the on-premise storage, and that’s been working great. And along the way, we had been developing our cloud infrastructure. And I had been talking to many storage vendors about the need for a fast, high-performance storage, file storage system in the cloud. And you get a lot of people who give you lip service. A lot of people say, “Oh, that’s a good idea,” and then, you know, three months later, “Hey, you got anything?” “Oh, no, you know, I’m doing nothing.” And you guys were different. You guys…you know, I told you what we wanted and then I think a few months later, there it was. And there was a big beginnings, you know, the singular Qumulo instance in the cloud. We were like, “Hey, this is kinda cool. Can we get a cluster of those?” And then a couple months later, there it was and it was working. And we’ve been using it ever since. So that focus on development, you know, creating new products is really exciting to me.

Where do you wanna help us go?

Jason: I think keep going towards the cloud. Keep going more robust workflows on the cloud. More interesting ways to leverage the power of the cloud for a company like us, in visual effects, and a critical component to that is always gonna be storage. So how we can come up with interesting workflows and ideas to help us do our job better is really what I wanna see.

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