Sinclair Oil Chooses Qumulo Data-Aware Scale-Out NAS for Exceptional Performance and Data Visibility

Qumulo, pioneer of the world’s first data-aware scale-out NAS, today announced that Sinclair Oil has chosen Qumulo Core for increased performance and real-time data visibility necessary to properly monitor the company’s rapidly growing digital system. Qumulo also announced its presence at the Society of Exploration Geophysicists (SEG) Conference, taking place Oct. 18-23 in New Orleans. The company is sponsoring and exhibiting, and will also be demonstrating its Qumulo Core software at booth number #1953.

Sinclair Oil is a $7 billion petroleum corporation based in Salt Lake City, Utah. Its vertically integrated petro operations run upstream to downstream, from exploration, drilling and production, all the way to distribution and retail. Sinclair Oil recently imported millions of files to a new digital repository and found that its old storage platform simply couldn’t keep up. That’s when Nathan Larsen, director of IT at Sinclair Oil, and his team began the search for a next-generation scale-out storage platform.

Qumulo offers the world’s first data-aware scale-out NAS, delivering real-time analytics that provide visibility into data usage and storage performance across flexible, fast and highly scalable commodity hardware. Larsen was attracted by the immediate and actionable insights into data usage and storage performance at scale – both of which would be critical for Sinclair’s digital repository. Larsen was also blown away by Qumulo’s agile two-week sprint software development and release cycles, which rapidly incorporate customer feedback and new software features. It was exactly what the team at Sinclair Oil was looking for.

With Qumulo Core in place, Larsen’s team quickly confirmed that Qumulo provided not only the scalability and performance required for Sinclair’s document management, but also the real-time visibility and analytics needed to assess system usage.

“Qumulo has given us insight on our systems and storage that we just didn’t have before,” said Larsen.

“The Qumulo system hasn’t been just amazingly fast and highly visible, but also largely hands-free,” continued Larsen. “We just watch our emails for alerts, and when the new Qumulo software updates are released we run them that night. Otherwise, it just does its thing. There’s really no comparison to our earlier storage systems. Qumulo is just so straightforward and easy-to-use.”

Larsen is also pleased with the ongoing, personalized and dedicated customer service it receives from their Qumulo Care customer success team. “Qumulo Care is absolutely phenomenal – the best support I’ve seen from any vendor, it’s been a real pleasure to deal with Qumulo,” he concluded.

Read the full Sinclair Oil case study here.

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October 19, 2015


Posted on

October 19, 2015