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University of Utah SCI Case Study Cover

Read the Scientific Computing Institute case study

SCI has over 200 students, staff and faculty. The institute is known for its culture of multi- disciplinary, collaborative research. Read the story about rabbit retinas, the SCI storage environment and the importance of visibility. (6 pages, PDF)

We used to say ‘just add more capacity,’ but storage is so much more complicated and mission critical than it was ten years ago that, for us to effectively grow, we need to treat storage as a finite and precious resource and manage it accordingly. We can do that with QF2.
Nich Rathke, Associate Director, Information Technology
University of Utah SCI

The importance of visibility

Nick’s team at SCI relies heavily on QF2’s dashboard and its REST API to understand what’s happening in the file system in terms of capacity and performance. Nick says, “The biggest problem from a management perspective was that, with our old system storage was a black box. That won’t work anymore. You have to understand where your storage is going, who’s using it, and at what rates they’re using it.”

Nick says, “Storage is a limited resource so knowing where your data is going is really important, not only for what you’re doing today but for capacity planning in the future. If you’re federally funded, as we are, and have to work through a grant cycle, you need to start planning well in advance to figure out how much storage you’ll need. The goal, of course, is to enable researchers to keep doing their work. You never want to tell a researcher that they have to stop because we don’t have space on our system.

“We use Qumulo capacity trends to examine storage usage over time. From the menu, we can look at our history over 52 weeks, 30 days or 72 hours. With the API, we can also offload all the data to a separate system for additional analysis.”

Keep it simple, plan for the future and manage across all dimensions of scale. (6 pages, PDF)

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