Creating Immersive Experiences at Falcon’s Creative Group

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Creating Immersive Experiences at Falcon’s Creative Group

After his presentation at NABShow 2018, Saham Ali, the IT Director at Falcon's Creative Group, spoke with Qumulo about why he uses universal-scale storage in his data center and the advice he has for those building their own studios.


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Falcon’s Creative Group specializes in immersive experiences for theme parks, museums, hotels, zoos, and more. One of Falcon’s most technically ambitious projects was Tomb of Christ: The Church of the Holy Sepulchre Experience for National Geographic. Cutting-edge visual effects require cutting edge technology, and Qumulo File Fabric delivers. (4 pages, PDF)

Using our old storage system, it would have been difficult to meet the demand of deadlines, and QF2 kept us on schedule. Whatever we do, QF2 will help us to continue to grow as a company.
Saham Ali, Directory of Technology
Falcon's Creative Group

Saham Ali, Directory of Technology at Falcon’s Creative Group explains the role Qumulo File Fabric (QF2) plays in Falcon’s projects.

Saham joined Falcon’s Creative Group in 2016 at a time when the studio was moving to more elaborate projects. He says, “The projects were getting bigger, resolutions were getting bigger, and file outputs were getting bigger.” In particular, the company was well known for VR, even before headsets were mainstream. Falcon’s was one of the first companies to render a 360-degree dome where objects could come out of screen space into audience space and back into screen space and could be viewed from any angle without breaking the stereo effect.

To deal with the amount of time renders were taking, the company switched from CPU-based rendering to GPU-based rendering, but Saham found that the existing storage couldn’t handle the workloads and was maxing out on IOPS.

Saham wanted a new storage solution, and his main criteria were scalability and simplicity. He says, “It couldn’t be direct-attached storage, where we would be stuck with, say, 50TB and that was it. We also didn’t want to dedicate an entire rack to get the throughput and IOPS we needed.”

Read Creating Immersive Experiences at Falcon’s Creative Group (4 pages, PDF)

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