8 Sources of Storage Pain and Ways to Solve Them

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In this on-demand webinar, Qumulo Principal Systems Engineer Mike Bott goes through eight of the most common pains in enterprise storage. He also outlines tried and true ways to solve these issues.

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When people see QF2 in action for the first time, they often ask, “How can it do that?” Answering that question is the reason for this paper. We’ll go under the hood and explain some of the advanced techniques that give QF2 its unique abilities.

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You can create a standalone instance of QF2 on AWS or download a VMware OVA file for free and create a QF2 virtual cluster on either a Windows machine or a Mac.

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Qumulo File Fabric (QF2) it the world’s first universal-scale file storage system. By universal scale, we mean that QF2 meets the new requirements that have arisen as file-based datasets have grown, not just in size but also in the number of digital assets, their global reach, and the value they represent to organizations.

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