Making movies with Qumulo: Why Crafty Apes Relied on Qumulo for 2D Compositing in La La Land

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Why Crafty Apes Relied on Qumulo for 2D Compositing in La La Land

Crafty Apes is a powerhouse in 2D Compositing, but even it was pushed in creating the 8,000+frame opening sequence for the hit film La La Land. Fortunately, the studio knew it could rely on QF2, a modern, highly scalable file storage system, to move mountains of data in order to deliver.

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With critical high-profile projects, you want to know exactly what you’re going to be leaning on for successful delivery. When the La La Land project came around it was make or break, and we were never down for a moment. QF2 is our rock, allowing us to focus on the visual effects with absolute confidence the data is safe
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Watch as our Qumulo Custom Success team discusses how Crafty Apes integrates QF2 into their visual effects pipeline

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