Configure the network for static addresses

In this tutorial you use Network Configuration to manually assign IPv4 static addresses.

  1. From the dashboard, point to Cluster and click Network Configuration.

    Select Network Configuration

  2. The Network Configuration screen appears. In this example, the cluster is currently configured to use DHCP.

    Network configuration -- DHCP

  3. Click Switch to Static IP to manually assign IPv4 static addresses.

  4. The Network Configuration IPv4 screen appears.

    Network configuration -- IPv4

  5. Fill in each of the fields as appropriate and change the MTU size, if necessary.

  6. Scroll down and set the static IP addresses. Use either a comma-separated list or a range, using a dash.

    Network configuration -- set static IP addresses

  7. Optionally, you can assign floating IP addresses that will automatically be reassigned to the remaining nodes if a node fails.

    Network configuration -- set floating IP addresses

  8. Click Save.

  9. A dialog box appears

    Network configuration -- refresh

  10. The Network Configuration IPv4 screen shows that you are now using static networking.

    Network configuration -- using static

  11. To change static settings, click Edit Static Settings.

  12. To revert to DHCP, click Switch to DHCP.
  13. The screen changes to show a pending state.

    Network configuration -- DHCP pending

  14. Click Save.

  15. A dialog box appears.

    Network configuration -- refresh

  16. The screen changes to show you are now using DHCP.

    Network configuration -- switched to DHCP

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