How to expand your most demanding workflows to the cloud

Data growth is happening across all industries, and is driving demand to run file-based workloads in the cloud. However, cloud-only file systems don’t connect with other data footprints and lack important enterprise features.

So what can companies looking to expand their most demanding workloads to the cloud do?

Join us as we discuss how the Qumulo File Fabric (QF2) on AWS provides companies a way to scale storage capacity and performance in a single file system that spans their data center and public cloud. During the webinar, we cover:

  • Why you should be considering the cloud for file storage
  • How QF2 on AWS is designed to handle the most data-intensive workloads no matter where the datasets are located
  • Real-world examples of how QF2 on AWS is expanding the most demanding workflows to the cloud


Run QF2 for AWS

You can create a standalone instance of QF2 on Amazon Web Services for free. You pay only for the underlying AWS infrastructure, including an m4.2xlarge instance.

After adding the AMI to your Amazon Web Services account, work through the tutorial called “Installing a Single-node Cluster on AWS” or watch the accompanying video.


Posted on

July 23, 2018