Get Off My Couch! – How we hire with Rick Robertson

When hiring for a fast-growing startup like Qumulo, we look for the candidates that don’t just get a “yes”… they get a “hell yes!”. Find out what we look for when hiring new team members with Senior Technical Recruiter Rick Robertson. Think you fit the bill? Visit our People page to view current open positions.

Transcription of Video
Joel: Hey, everybody. We are back on the couch and, today, we’re with Rick, one of our senior technical recruiters. And we’re talking a little bit about what makes a Qumulon, and how the hiring process works here. We’re in hyper-growth mode. We’re growing really, really fast hiring people left and right. As part of the recruiting team, how do you and the rest of your team make sure that we’re getting people that are gonna succeed here?

Rick: Well, and you’re 100% right, Joe. When you’re in hyper-growth, you don’t get to dictate your culture. When you’re growing a company like this, you’re hiring your culture. And so, you have to make sure people are going to fit in with what you’re trying to do and how you’re trying to do it. So, it’s something that we build in to the interview process at the earliest stages, to try to find people who are gonna be able to exist and thrive in our culture.

Joel: So, what kinds of people are those, that exist and thrive here?

Rick: Yeah, you know, it’s, kinda, like the old saying that “Heaven and hell could be the same place to two different people.” There’s a lot of kinds of environments out there that are different from Qumulo’s. And, you know, there are certain people who won’t be happy here. And the sooner we find them and get them out of the process, the better. I mean, ruthless careerism, it’s just like, you know, people who like, you know, deal with political problems and bureaucracy. And really just hero mode-type people who’re just like, “Give me the thing you want done. I’ll go do it all by myself, and I’ll carry it in. And then I’ll try to angle for a promotion.” That kinda stuff, it’s just anathema to Qumulo.

Qumulo is all about teamwork. And it’s all about agile and being quick, and the right idea winning and shedding as much light on, you know, the decision-making process, so it gets better. And people who like that kind of environment opt for this. There’s a lot of places for people to go who would like the other types of environments. But at Qumulo, it just doesn’t fly.

Joel: Okay, cool. So, tell me and the people out there something about our recruiting process that they might not know.

Rick: Well, I mean, the biggest thing for us is it can’t be yes. It’s gotta be hell yes. In the interview, at the debrief stage, when we’re talking about the interview process, you can’t just have given your question and got an adequate answer. And therefore, “I guess I’m a yes,” and we should hire this person. It has to be hell yes. I want this person for my team or for this project. I can’t wait to get them. There should be an argument in that room whether who gets to have this candidate. And if someone’s just like, “Yeah, I guess so,” that’s a no. And the minute you start framing it as such, “It’s gotta be hell yes,” people start really upping their game in the interview process. Because you’re thinking about it like, “I’m gonna have this person sitting next to me tomorrow. And, do I really want that?” And a lot of I-guess-so’s turn into no’s at that stage.

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July 31, 2018