Get Off My Couch! – Coaching at Qumulo with Elise

We empower our teams not only to build software they love, but build their careers in the process. Find out how our modern approach to coaching and mentoring gives us an edge over the rest with Elise, our Enterprise Agile Coach.

Video Transcript

What does having Agile Coaches here mean at Qumulo?

Elise: So, here at Qumulo, our Agile Coaches do a little bit more than they might in other organizations. We focus in three areas. We do individual coaching of all of our engineers. So every engineer has someone, you know, dedicated to help them figure out how they want to grow, figure out what…you know, where they’re spending their growth energy, if they’re doing well, if they’re not doing well. So, it really is a support for the engineer.

We also support the team. So every coach has a number of teams that they work with. And when we work with the teams, we’re really looking to help the teams figure out how to self-organize, how to be autonomous, how to own their own destiny. And so, we do a lot of coaching around those things. So, how can they really, you know, do the best feature they can build for our customers? How are they empowered to do the right thing all the time? And, we coach, sort of, things like that.

And, we also coach across the entire org. So, here, at Qumulo, we do a certain amount of organizational design to make sure that in our relatively flat structure in engineering, that we’re still doing all the things that need to get done. So, we’re still recruiting. We’re creating and updating our onboarding programs. We have a peer advisor program where engineers advise other engineers. We have a mentoring program. So, we have a lot of these cross-org things that we do. And the coaches here are involved in setting up all of those things, and also making sure that the organization as a whole is getting what it needs.

What competitive advantage does that give us over other enterprise software companies?

Elise: So, here, at Qumulo, we use Agile. So, we’re using Scrum, Kanban, and Extreme programming. And, we use the Agile methodologies as a strategic differentiator as a company. So, we’re releasing software to our customers every other week, and I don’t know of many storage companies that do that. So, that’s really the modern way of working. So, you know, using Agile methodologies, having coaches who are there to support and enable people to be as awesome as they could possibly be, these are things that you use when you want to actually become more productive, more modern, and kick your competitor’s butt, right? So, we’re really looking at building, “What is the most modern organization we can build?” because that’s what’s gonna get us the best product, the happiest customers, and the most amazing company that we can have. And, it also makes our engineers pretty happy as well.

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