Qumulo File Fabric (QF2) for AWS

Run the Highest Performance File Storage System in the Cloud for Free

QF2 is a modern, highly scalable file storage system. It runs in the data center and the public cloud and has the highest performance of any file system, on premises and off. QF2 allows the modern enterprise to easily store and manage file sets numbering in the billions of files, in any operating environment, anywhere in the world. It is the world’s first universally scalable file storage system.

Qumulo - Highest performance network attached storage

Highest performance

QF2 is the highest performance scalable file storage system on premises and in the cloud. For example, a four node cluster running in AWS can achieve throughput of 3.87GB/s. Such a cluster can support the file needs of a rendering farm of 1000 EC2 instances and 32,000 cores.

Qumulo - Store billions of files

Highest scalability

QF2 is the only file storage solution for the cloud that scales both capacity and performance, with no hard limits for either. With QF2, you can spin up as many clusters as you need for your workload. No matter what kind of file-based data you collect or how fast that collection grows, QF2 for AWS can handle it.

Store and access data anywhere

The same cluster on premises and cloud

Whether on premises, in the cloud or both, Qumulo customers and the software applications they run, use the same file system, with identical interfaces for interacting with the data footprint and managing the storage clusters. There are no disconnected islands of storage. Continuous replication moves the data where it’s needed when it’s needed.

Activate QF2 Consumption Units

Use this form to request approval for QF2 Consumption Units.

By submitting this form, you agree to be bound by any terms on this website and Qumulo’s standard terms and conditions (located at: http://www.qumulo.com/resources/terms-hub). If approved, any licensed use of the Qumulo AMI shall be limited to during the consumption of Qumulo QF2 for AWS credits received under this program after which your license will terminate. Submission does not guarantee acceptance. Qumulo reserves the right to deny any request at its sole discretion. A company or business unit may not apply more than once.

QF2 for AWS must be activated by March 31, 2018
QF2 for AWS expire on July 31, 2018


“We have built a very advanced rendering pipeline that spans our on-premises data center and AWS Cloud to meet the rigorous demands of our media production schedules. Our workflows and rendering applications require file storage that can scale and provide the highest performance both on-premises and on AWS. Only QF2 is able to meet the needs and demands of our content delivery pipeline.”

Jason Fotter, Co-founder and CTO at FuseFX

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