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QF2 for AWS is the world's highest performance file storage in the public cloud. Support thousands of elastic compute nodes with enterprise-grade file storage to tackle your toughest problems.

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QF2 for AWS has the highest performance of any file storage system in the public cloud and a complete set of enterprise features, such as support for SMB, real-time visibility into the storage system, directory-based capacity quotas, and snapshots.

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Run QF2 in stand-alone mode on an EC2 instance

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You can configure the QF2 cluster to support a wide range of use cases with compute-intensive workloads such as VFX rendering, data analytics and genomic sequencing. QF2 for AWS is priced using a utility model that is based on the number of hours it’s used, the capacity of the cluster, and its performance. If you want to experiment with QF2 for AWS, you can set up a standalone node with 5TB of storage and use it for free, or contact us to evaluate QF2 for larger workloads. You pay only for the underlying AWS infrastructure.

Performance and capacity can scale linearly with QF2 for AWS. Adding another EC2 instance with the Qumulo AMI installed can add both. You can also scale performance and capacity independently of each other, depending on the number and sizes of EC2 instances you choose.

Transferring data between your on-premises QF2 cluster and your QF2 cluster in the cloud is easy. The QF2 clusters work together to form a globally distributed but highly connected storage fabric tied together with continuous replication. Continuous replication moves the data where it’s needed when it’s needed.

Cloud architects and DevOps engineers expect fully programmable infrastructure and automated configuration management. With QF2, you can inspect and control the file system with a GUI, command-line tools, and a REST API. You can use popular automation platforms, such as Terraform, to automatically deploy QF2 for AWS.

Let QF2 for AWS help you expand what’s possible for your business.

Scalable enterprise-grade file storage

  • Scalable cluster size-- from 4 to 1000 instances
  • Provides raw capacity per instance starting at 5TB per instance
  • AWS instance types based on use case, for example, m4.2xlarge and m4.16xlarge instances.
  • Intended for performance-critical, with QF2 erasure coding for data protection
  • Adding instances scales performance in near-linear fashion
  • Utility pricing for QF2 software based on hours of use, capacity and performance
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Free tier

  • Standalone QF2 instance with all features enabled
  • Provides 5TB of raw capacity
  • Intended for short-lived workloads and evaluation, with data protection provided by underlying EBS volumes
  • Free. Pay only for underlying AWS infrastructure, including an m4.2xlarge instance.
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Example 1

High Performance

Example 2

Balanced Performance


Four m4.16xlarge EC2 instances

Four m4.2xlarge EC2 instances

Read throughput

1.8 GB/s

270 MB/s

Write throughput

1.3 GB/s

190 MB/s

We are building a fully orchestrated visual effects rendering solution that spans our on-premises data center and AWS. We now have a QF2 cluster on AWS and in our data center creating a unified fabric that enables us to share file data between these two operating environments, maintain workflow consistency, and meet the high performance requirements for heavy compute workloads in the cloud.
Jason Fotter, co-founder and CTO

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