Nearline Archive

The highest performance, truly affordable archive storage. 

Today your data is your business, and you can’t afford to slow your business down with data that’s inaccessible. You need all your data to be at your fingertips. Qumulo has you covered.

We’ve obsoleted traditional approaches to archiving data and the poor choices these legacy solutions gave you: Cheap but slow or expensive and fast.

Qumulo Nearline Archive Series disrupts the economics of archive storage systems delivering the performance of nearline systems, all in a proven 2U or modern, affordable 1U form factor.

most affordable and highest performance nearline archive solution for nearline storage

Qumulo Solutions

most affordable nearline archive solution for cloud storage

Qumulo for HPE

most affordable nearline archive solution for cloud storage

Qumulo for AWS

More usable data. Free.

Qumulo’s patented protection method means more usable capacity than legacy approaches. And you can use all of that. Qumulo delivers 100% of true usable capacity as opposed to the 70% to 80% that legacy systems allow. You can store billions of small files as efficiently as large ones. Overprovisioning is over.

The boring, exciting facts.

Why not take advantage of the same standard, state-of-the-art components that cloud data centers use? We can do that because we’re a software platform.

The 1U chassis includes 12 x 12TB SATA HDD, 3 x 800GB SSD, dual 10GbE networking ports, and Xeon CPUs. Power consumption is extremely low because the Qumulo Nearline Archive Series uses a system on a chip (SoC) that integrates memory, CPU and networking. The 144TB drive capacity is the densest on the market.

HPE customers can choose the dense Apollo 4200 2U server with 24 x 12TB HDDs, 4 x 1.92TB SSDs, dual 40G ports and Xeon CPU, all in only 32 inches of depth.

Nearline performance.

Access archived data quickly and easily. How quickly? 5 GB/s reads and 2.5 GB/s writes per 1PB usable capacity. Near mainline performance. Affordably.

The Qumulo Nearline Archive Series leaves traditional archive systems in the dust.

Visibility. Instantly.

Qumulo’s visibility into the file system is unmatched in the industry. You can instantly identify throughput and IOPS hotspots, the most active clients and paths, and get accurate reports of how much usable storage you have. If you have a rogue process or user who’s monopolizing system resources, apply a quota in real time to take back control.

True path to the cloud.

Qumulo’s nearline archive solution runs natively on premise and in the cloud. You get the best of both worlds – the fastest data storage system on-premise or in the cloud.

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