Qumulo v3 is simple, secure, and scalable.

The next generation of hybrid cloud storage.

Qumulo offers the industry’s most advanced distributed file system – built for high performance workflows and large-scale capacity. We believe that enterprises should be able to seamlessly see, manage, and share their data… without compromising on features.

Built in Backup and Data Security

We think about our customers’ data security end-to-end, no matter what application is using it, whether the data is active or not. SMBv3 encryption provides world-class data protection for data in-flight. HPE Apollo Gen10 servers provide encryption for data at rest.

Qumulo’s file system includes integrated data protection via snapshot replication for simple, cost effective backups. A single namespace, with no additional applications required, enables users to leverage the same file system for active and backed-up data.

Qumulo’s audit solution provides a simple, robust, and detailed view of all system activities in the storage cluster.

Extreme Application Response

Experience extreme low latency application response with new NVMe performance improvements. The Qumulo hybrid file software is continually tuned to ensure consistently high performance. We have optimized the software for both GPUs and for small files. You can deploy unlimited all-NVMe clusters in the cloud feeding those low latency applications anywhere.

Simple Management, Built in Real-Time Analytics

Qumulo’s v3 software release includes a new, updated user interface that provides the same management interface regardless of where your data is stored—on-prem or the cloud.

With Qumulo’s real-time analytics, storage administrators can easily monitor storage usage and performance including throughput and latency. This superior visibility enables organizations to gain control over their unstructured data, and reduce overall operational and capital costs, by proactively managing current needs as well as better predicting future storage requirements.

Qumulo software is a single, easy-to-use storage system that also has a REST API to enable the automation of many mundane, administrative tasks.

Simple Scalability, On-Prem and in the Cloud

Qumulo provides massive density on-prem and in the cloud. There is no architectural limit to the scale in the Qumulo file system.  The system linearly scales both performance and capacity. Adding another node is as simple as plugging the node in, pointing the node to the IP address and letting the system automatically rebalance.

Qumulo’s scale in the cloud is unlimited – you can get what you need when you need it.

Use Case-Focused Ecosystem Expansion

Qumulo is focused on providing you with an easy to access, complete solution to solve all your unstructured data management challenges. Qumulo has partnered with industry-leading application providers, distributors and resellers to ensure our you have the complete solution you need. Qumulo’s software is supported on Qumulo’s performancecapacity and active archive platforms, as well as HPEFujitsuAWS and GCP platforms.

Qumulo is focusing on four key verticals to ensure a complete solution is available to solve your needs. Product development is not the only focus, aligning and integrating with key partners is vitally important. Media and Entertainment partners include Axle.ai, Adobe and Signiant. We also are engaged with a number of partners that are ecosystem enables such as Atempo, Ingenious, Rubric and Veeam.

Qumulo is also part of the HPE GreenLake program enabling users to have Qumulo’s software delivered as-a-service on-prem.
Qumulo also has a robust set of APIs so that applications can be tightly integrated into the Qumulo file system. Companies that have developed API integrations include ArcscanAtempo and Igneous.

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