Hybrid Capacity Series

The most efficient and versatile file storage in the world. On-prem and in the cloud.

The Qumulo Capacity Series delivers capacity, performance and efficiency that seamlessly scales to unleash the power of your data to power your business.

high-capacity file storage solutions by Qumulo

Qumulo Solutions

high-capacity file storage for Dell

Qumulo for Dell

high-capacity file storage for HPE

Qumulo for HPE

high-capacity file storage for AWS

Qumulo for AWS

Scale-Up, Trillion Files

The Qumulo Capacity Series can store billions of files comfortably, and show us a trillion, and we’ll take that on as well. And we make it easy – add capacity as simply as adding a node.

More Usable Data. Free.

Qumulo’s patented protection method means more usable capacity than legacy approaches. And you can use all of that. Qumulo delivers 100% of true usable capacity as opposed to the 70% to 80% that legacy systems allow. You can store billions of small files as efficiently as large ones. Overprovisioning is over.

Smart Performance

Qumulo Capacity series always writes to the SSDs first. Frequently accessed data stays there for instant availability and infrequently used data is automatically moved to the HDDs. Add nodes to your cluster, you get more capacity and your performance gets even faster. Bonus!

Visibility. Instantly.

QF2’s visibility into the file system is unmatched in the industry. You can instantly identify throughput and IOPS hotspots, the most active clients and paths, and get accurate reports of how much usable storage you have. If you have a rogue process or user who’s monopolizing system resources, apply a quota in real time to take back control.

True Path to the Cloud

Qumulo’s file system runs natively on premise and in the cloud. You get the best of both worlds – the fastest file storage system in your data center and in the cloud.

“Other vendors claim to ‘scale up’ storage, but there’s a fundamental difference with QF2: the ability to linearly scale capacity and performance. Every time I add a node I’m adding network bandwidth and I/O operations, not just a tray of disks, and that’s critical for us.”

Nick Rathke, Assistant Director, Information Technology —SCI Institute

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