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Open Subsurface Data Universe Forum
Qumulo is a member of the Open Group Open Subsurface Data Universe™ (OSDU) Forum. As innovative organizations in the oil and gas exploration industry seek to take advantage of the cloud, they are choosing technology providers in their journey that can serve as true, customer-focused partners. Qumulo is committed to helping the oil and gas exploration community use the new tools, workflows and advantages that can only be found by leveraging the cloud.

Active Archive Alliance
Qumulo is a member of the Active Archive Alliance, a collaborative industry alliance that provides end users with technical expertise and guidance to design and implement modern solutions that solve unstructured data visibility, access and retention challenges.

Sports Video Group
The Sports Video Group was formed in 2006 to support the professional community that relies on video, audio, and broadband technologies to produce and distribute sports content. Leagues, owners, teams, players, broadcasters, webcasters, and consumer technology providers have joined the SVG to learn from each other, turn vision into reality, implement new innovations, while sharing experiences that will lead to advancements in the sports production/distribution process and the overall consumer sports experience.

AWS Thinkbox

AWS Thinkbox helps creative studios and visual artists scale your creativity on premises, hybrid, or on the cloud.


StudioSysAdmins is a social networking community dedicated to improving infrastructure, workflows and support across the entertainment industry.

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