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Gartner’s 2019 Strategic Roadmap for Storage

Qumulo’s software-defined architecture puts technology advancements and price reductions into the hands of users fast.

Download Gartner’s 2019 Strategic Roadmap for Storage, which outlines key trends in on-prem storage for infrastructure and operations leaders.

  • “Innovations in memory technologies, disk drives, interfaces, SSAs, data protection solutions and cloud storage are enabling enterprises to deliver storage services that help create business differentiation.”
  • “By 2023, software-defined storage (SDS) instantiations of vendor storage OSs running in the cloud will become the dominant method of building multicloud storage infrastructures.”
  • “Data management capabilities have become as important as infrastructure management and are actively being considered by I&O leaders during strategy formulation.”

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2019 Strategic Roadmap for Storage; Santhosh Rao, Joseph Unsworth, Julian Tirsu, Julia Palmer, Jerry Rozeman; 7 May 2019

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