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Rewriting the customer success rulebook

Qumulo’s Customer Success program, Qumulo Care, is rewriting the customer success rulebook. Enjoy superior customer experience and find out for yourself why Qumulo customers have rewarded us with the highest net promoter scores (NPS) in the storage industry.

Qumulo Care pairs you with a dedicated Customer Success Manager (CSM) whose goal is ensuring you are leveraging all that your Qumulo products have to offer. If you have a question or issue, you can reach out over Slack, email, or phone to get the help you need.

Our Customer Success Engineers (CSEs) don’t read a phone script and pass you off — they know how to help. Every CSE has deep experience working with file storage systems and understands the associated workflows and applications.


Qumulo Numbers

US Support Number:
+1 855 577 7544

Government Support:
+1 (855) 977-7788

UK Support Number:
+44 808 164 6656

AU Support Number:
+61 1800 954 952

DE Support Number:
+49 800 000 7047

Get help the way you want it

Your dedicated Customer Success Team is standing by and available via your preferred communication channel: chat, phone or email. Enjoy real-time communication over Slack to troubleshoot, optimize, and educate without ever having to set up a ticket or wait for call backs.

Qumulo's cloud file storage comes with best-in-class Customer Success
Qumulo's cloud file storage comes with best-in-class Customer Success

Upgrades are easy

Your single software subscription includes all new features and performance enhancements in two week rapid-release cycles. Qumulo’s Instant Upgrade completes in 20 seconds, regardless of the size of your data environment. Even better, it can run during the business day without impacting users or applications.

Rest assured that upgrades are fast and consistent across cluster sizes and different underlying hardware. Now, your biggest challenge is what you’re going to do with your extra free time

Open Source Community

The Qumulo Open Source Community contains applications built by and for Qumulo customers using the Qumulo Core APIs.

  • Access the latest open source applications built with the Qumulo Core APIs
  • Learn and collaborate with others on how to leverage the power of the Qumulo Core APIs
  • Contribute and share your own applications using the Qumulo Core APIs

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