See QF2 on a live cluster

Get immediate access to a live, 6-node QC104 cluster, located in the Qumulo data center.

See QF2 at Scale

The See It at Scale cluster contains billions of files and cycles through three different workloads:

  • Continuous playback of over 6000 sequential 50MB .dpx image files to simulate a movie sequence.
  • Genomic processing of actual human genomic data. Raw .fasta files are processed and aligned in parallel.
  • Spark-based analytics where the four clients use Spark to count the words in a 125GB text file.

By using the Analytics menu, you can see how QF2 handles different file types and workloads. You can also take a look at the API & Tools menu to learn about the REST API. With guest access, you'll be able to perform GET operations on the live cluster.

If you are already logged in, click the Go to Live Cluster button, which will take you directly to the cluster.

If you have not logged in, clicking the button will prompt you for Qumulo web site credentials. Enter your existing credentials or create a new ones, and then you will be redirected to the cluster.

If you'd like some ideas about what to do, read our See It at Scale Walkthrough.

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